How to nail a girls’ night out in Reading

Get a selfie with Ian Hills for your Snapchat story

Reading isn’t known as a party town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sick night out with your girls. Here’s how to do it.


You’ll start your night off with pres at one of the girls’ houses, preferably the one who you will be crashing at later.  Drinks will be your standard vodka and squash, a.k.a Disco Juice. This is the prime time for getting a good squad selfie, as you’ll be way to drunk later on and you know every selfie taken in the club will just be a blurry mess.

Go to Caffeine and Cocktails and then Revs for another round of pres

Keep it classy by heading to Caffeine and Cocktails first,  it’s the perfect place to start your night in town. You can meet up with the rest of the girls here and have a good gossip over a few of their delicious cocktails.

After a couple of cocktails, head to Revs where you should get a pitcher each (no glasses just straws) and see who can drink theirs fastest.

Where to go out-out?

As you know there isn’t the biggest selection of clubs in Reading, and depending on which night you’re out it’s always a bit hit and miss. Sakura always guarantees a great night however, and the VIP section is one of the nicest and most luxurious in Reading.

Become bffs with the toilet lady

There are some things that will define your Reading girls night out. Have you sung along to the ‘freshen up your poonani’ song with the toilet attendant lady? Become drunken bffs with the toilet attendant lady? Got the toilet attendant lady/your new bff to take a gazillion photos of you and the girls? Tried to slut drop after downing your third Jäger Bomb but just fallen off the dancefloor? Told a girl in the loos you liked her hair/top/face/outfit and made a new friend? Taken a really embarrassing selfie in the loos? Made your way way through the club like the fierce bitches you are in a conga line? Gone upstairs to the rooftop smoking area for ‘fresh air’? Danced with Ian Hills and got him in your Snapchat story?

If the answer to these is a resounding ‘yasss’ than you’ve successfully completed your girls night out.

If you want a more chilled night

Sometimes the best girls night outs don’t involve a club. That’s what makes Reading an amazing place for you and your gal pals as there’s a such a wide array of late night bars, pubs, and cocktail clubs for you to explore.  The top two places to continue your GNO into the early hours are Smash and Purple Turtle. Both are conveniently next door to one another on Gun Street, meaning you can go between both with drunken ease.

Smash is a relatively new bar to Reading and is located in the same building as Sakura, on the ground floor. Along with all the cocktails and beers it’s also host to Olympic size ping pong tables, so grab a couple of cocktails and limber up for a drunken match with your gals.

When you’ve had enough ping pong for one night head next door to Purple Turtle. This place first opened in Reading way before you were born, and it’s not hard to see why it’s remained one of Reading’s most popular watering holes. Drinks are cheap and it’s full of characters. If you can remember being in Purple Turtle you’re doing it wrong.

Post night out food

Don’t even bother with getting food in town at the end of the night, just jump in a taxi and order Domino’s at home. It’s so much easier and far less hassle then trying to navigate McDonald’s.

The aftermath

Every girls night out ends with you all going home and sitting on the kitchen floor drunkenly cooking chicken nuggets, or waiting for the pizza to arrive. It will all be a drunken blur by tomorrow but everyone’s Snapchat stories will help aid you in piecing together your crazy shenanigans and girls night antics.

To cure your disgustingly bad hangover go for brunch at Cafe Yolk. Try and cure your weary head with one of their fruity smoothies and re-fuel with a yummy full English brekkie.