Will Seymour
Magdalene, English Will's lethargic progression through his degree has been branded with the motto, 'I've started so I'll finish.' Now in third year, his hobbies include dining at Magdalene College buttery, colouring in, and pressing refresh on the Royal Wedding Countdown website. When he ran for JCR President, his impassioned campaign was met with a lacklustre four votes, despite being easily the most ironic candidate. If you want to go on a date with me, you can probably find me running up and down the ADC wings with a camera.

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR seeks the comfort of escapism in the bounteous bosom of a corseted Victorian wench, but even his own self-spun yarns end in a tangle of despair and impotence.

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR appears to be having boredom-induced hallucinations in the UL.

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR goes speed-dating, and assesses a cavalcade of eligible speedy women for potential life-partnership.

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR begins his series of columns with an indiscriminate plea for ‘The One’

King’s Mingle



Tab Tries: Living By The Die

Live and let die… WILL SEYMOUR sells his soul to six little spots for a night of Basics rum and liberal nudity.


Fire Juggler

Getting A First

What does it take to get a first?


Spring Awakening

Truly Medley Deeply

Truly Medley Deeply

Three Minute Silence

The three minute silence was vaguely reminiscent of a supervision with hungover NatScis.


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