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Zoe Weaver
Ohio State Editor of The Tab

about to graduate and trying to figure out what comes next in this crazy world #GoBucks

Ohio State is officially one of the most prestigious schools in America

We don’t say THE Ohio State University for nothing

BREAKING: 20-year-old woman indicted in death of OSU student Madie Hart

She drove with Hart pinned underneath her car for 88 feet

‘Police say this was no accident’: Ohio State freshman dies after getting hit by car

Police are investigating it as a homicide

All of the people you will definitely run into on Ohio State’s campus

Pro tip: always wear sunglasses and headphones to avoid awkward conversation

Ohio State is one of the best value colleges in America

It’s official – OSU is one of the best bang for your buck schools

Ohio State has 11 graduate programs ranking in the top 10 in the world

According to U.S. News & World Report, we’re doing pretty good

It’s official: Midway is one of the best trash bars in America

Like we didn’t already know

Everything you learn as a bartender in college

You see your co-workers more than you see your friends

QUIZ: How Ohio State are you?

How many of these tried and true things can you check off your Buckeye bucket list?

UPDATE: Missing Ohio State found in critical condition after being struck by train in Canada

His sister told The Tab Max is ‘safe’ and said he will eventually be OK after being struck by a train last night

#ToosdayForTokes fundraiser raises over 11,000 dollars for the family of Reagan Tokes

The grand total was $11,015.44 all to go to the Tokes family

The Tab Ohio State is raising money for the Reagan Tokes Remembrance fund

Any donation will help

‘We rally together when shit gets bad’: Too’s to hold fundraiser for Reagan Tokes on Valentine’s Day

100 percent of profits on Tuesday, February 14th will be donated to her family

Goodbye, education system in America

It’s been fun

Anyone who’s taken a basic education course knows Betsy DeVos is going to screw us all

Shit anyone who’s taken an education class would do a better job than her

‘I felt goosebumps’: We talked to an Ohio State student who went to the Women’s March on Washington

With crowds bigger than the inauguration, this student was proud to be a part of something so powerful

Everything seniors are tired of hearing

Stop asking what my post-grad plans are

Anyone who thinks cheerleading isn’t a ‘real sport’ just got shut down

It could be an official part of the Olympics by 2020

Urban Meyer is officially the hottest grandpa ever

He’s a total GILF

Jabrill Peppers is actually the worst

‘Most versatile player’ my ass

#BuckeyeStrong inspiring tweets of support

In wake of a tragedy, many are coming together with this hashtag from all over