Tom Ball

Tom Ball
Oxford University


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Depression, bestiality and climate change: Zennor is a triumph


The private school stranglehold over the arts must stop

‘We’re all creatives here, we’re all born artists’

Hotlist: Week one

That’s the week sorted then

OxStu’s Ruskin profiles are patronising and dull

Hotlist: Week eight

The end is nigh

Review: Aquilo

Haven’t we already heard this one before?

Hotlist: Week six

Where would we be without Culture?

Why aren’t you listening to Flo Morrissey yet?

This charming girl

Review: Plenty

Let’s talk nudity

Preview: The Crucible

For what it’s worth

Hotlist: Week four

Make the week less dreary and get some culture down ya

Review: West Side Story

The glitz and glamour of the eternally beloved musical descends upon an unwitting Oxford with aplomb

Hotlist: Week three

From fascism to street fighting, it’s all go in third week

Hotlist: Week two

It’s all here and it’s all good

Hotlist: Week One

Get the ball rolling this term with some lovely culture

The sound of my voice: The rusticator

‘I was constantly carrying around a boulder of stress’

Hotlist: Week seven

The end is nigh

Review: Orlando

Blackadder-esque frolic through history is a tickler

Review: Jerusalem

Mumford and Sons meets Snatch in this lengthy rendition of Jez Butterworth’s modern masterpiece

The sound of my voice: The college dinner lady

“I’d like to leave Oxford. It’s a beautiful city, but soulless too”

Review: The Pillowman

It’s a thumbs up from us

Hotlist: A Halloween special

A couple of treats, but mostly tricks

Preview: The Pillowman

Ben Murphy takes a look at The Pillowman, 3rd week at the Playhouse

The sound of my voice: The homeless woman

Tom Ball seeks out Oxford’s hidden voices – starting with those who live on the streets

Hotlist: Week 8

Because 8th Week is for fun (unless you have exams)

Hotlist: Week 6

Shake off those revision blues and soak up all that Oxford has to offer

Review: Jungle

Declared by the music press as ‘Britain’s most mysterious band’, London-based electro funk band sell out the O2. Welcome to the Jungle.

Hotlist: Week 4

Who said Oxford was a boring town?

Review: David Brent and Foregone Conclusion

We went to the opening night of Ricky Gervais’ latest resurrection of David Brent. And we liked what we saw.

Hotlist: Week 2

Take some inspiration from Aerosmith, because you certainly ‘Dont’ Wanna Miss a Thing’ in Week 2

The Ball Blog 2014

TOM BALL, Tab Ball Correspondent, brings you all the juicy goss from the 2014 ball grapevine

Preview: Dan and Jon vs. The Funsultancy

We get a sneak peak of one of the weirdest films to hit Oxford in a while