Snehal Shah

Snehal Shah
Bristol University


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Crack addict jailed for student house break-in

He stole a girl’s laptop while she slept

Hundreds take over the streets in feminist protest

So much for apathy

We can count better than Cambridge

LinkedIn reckons we’re shit at finance, but at least we suck less than Cambridge

Hundreds disappointed as ski trip sells out in five hours

But at least it wasn’t as stressful as last year

Topless ‘Free Nipple’ protesters don’t even get their nipples out

This article contains boobs

‘I saw dogs eating my father’s dead body. Now I’m here to understand why people kill each other’

A survivor of the Rwandan genocide has started at Bristol – 20 years after escaping his father’s murderers

Yet another league table ‘proves’ Bristol is just the worst

The Times decided to rank us below Surrey, Loughborough and Southampton

We just bought Pam Pam

Bristol Uni buys Beacon House, home of Pam Pam, to use as a study space and cafe for students.

Six horrific stabbings at St Paul’s Carnival leave organisers pointing the finger

“Outsiders” are being blamed for the bloodbath that was the St Paul’s Carnival.

Stop slutshaming the ‘Magaluf girl’

This girl sucked off 24 guys to win a free holiday and the media went crazy – but wouldn’t you have done the same?

Found, lost and found again: Bristol profs find 4000-year-old FOOD in a uni cupboard

Uni researchers stumble upon missing 4,500-year-old Iraqi food and artifacts on top of a cupboard at Bristol Uni.

The Guardian hates Bristol: 2015 league table is not very kind

We’ve ranked a miserable 34th place on the poncy newspaper’s league table.

You should have gone to Surrey

Bristol limps in at 18th place in the latest league tables.

Monologues in lectures and meaningless hashtags: how to be a student activist

Want to fill your days with angry political screaming matches? Or just get in with the fist-shaking crowd?

Election results: LIVE BLOG

It’s results night! Follow our live blog to watch our future Labour Prime Minister take their first step on the ladder.

Stephen Fry actually loves this campaign video: what’s your favourite?

National treasure tweets his support of Imogen Palmer’s campaign video

More blunders from Kim Il Union

UBU lands itself in hot water AGAIN with a suspect winner of their latest marketing campaign

Predator on the loose on St Michael’s Hill

A driver has reportedly been harassing female students on St Michael’s Hill at night

Why girls have it so much worse on a night out

Snehal Shah believes Will Disney was wrong in saying guys have it tougher on a night out

The mystery of the Bristol University vending machine thief

A vending machine thief has been targeting the University in a series of depraved attacks.

Is Itchy Feet’s latest campaign sexist?

Itchy Feet is getting students to promote their infamous ‘Drunk Women Deserve Jail’ event on campus.

Bristol lawyer becomes Dancing On Ice loser

Bristol law student, rugby player and ice dancer was kicked off Dancing On Ice last weekend – and now he’s feeling lost.

Things you felt more than Thursday’s Bristol earthquake

On Thursday a tiny earthquake “shook” the west coast of Britain and the world went crazy about Bristol’s safety.

Will Park Street be turned into a ski slope?

Soon you’ll be skiing your way home from lectures as Park Street is turned into a ski slope.

Bristol takes £1.3 million funding from nuclear weapons company

Revealed: Bristol’s million-pound partnership with a nuclear weapons company.

Bristol’s on University Challenge – meet the team!

Bristol’s made it to the TV stage of University Challenge. Meet the team who’ll lead us to glory!

Drunk tank is back (and you’re free to exceed your limit)

Local authorities are setting up a drunk tank to take away our last inhibitions of over-drinking

Where to get a last minute Valentine’s date

V-Day is today. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Shock as UBU only half-apologise for VP’s prejudiced rant

Too little, too late: UBU officers release vague apology following prejudiced comments exposed by The Tab last week.

The top seven highlights of the AMM

Thursday night’s AMM was the social event of the year. Here are the seven best things that happened.

Crocodile on the loose in Bristol…and he’s heading for the Uni!

A crocodile has been spotted running wild in the city…and he’s heading for Bristol Uni!

Too much dogging on the Downs

Local officials have declared war on “sex litter” – all the condoms left behind from people getting overly-intimate on the Downs.

Union Rep Tom Flynn chucked out of hotel

Wild child and VP For Education Tom Flynn is thrown out of his London hotel and forced to sleep on public transport.

Naked Anthropology student is youngest to row Atlantic

Bristol’s Jamie Sparks and Edinburgh’s Luke Birch have become the youngest two to make it across the Atlantic.

Bristol celeb’s brother beaten up in brutal Dojo’s attack for being deaf

Big Brother winner Josie Gibson’s deaf brother attacked at Dojo Lounge on Park Row

Drama Dropout Jack Harries on Jamie Oliver

Adorably awkward Jack Harries makes raisins dance for Jamie Oliver

12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Philosophy Student

Snehal Shah cynically discusses the features of her own subject.


Uni staff are on yet another strike – this time over three 2-hour slots – as pay row continues.

Anarchist Threat to University

Anarchist group claim they bombed construction company linked to Bristol University

It’s A Girl!

Bristol grad has Peter Andre’s daughter

EDL and UAF clash in Bristol

English Defence League stage protest against planned Islamic Cultural and Religious Centre in Stokes Croft