Papatya Sutcliffe
Corpus, Classics Though she only joined at the end of last year, Papatya has really got keen for the Tab and is thoroughly enjoying her new role as Senior News Reporter. Her hobbies include watching the news, reading the news and listening to the news as well as aiming for the status of Big Dog in the world of Cambridge journalism.

UPDATE: Corpus Silver Snatched

UPDATE: The Corpus silver thief has been jailed for two and a half years

A Fine Mess – Newnham Bites Back

Nenwham students have had enough after huge college fines have left a hole in their pockets.

Varsity Skiing A (S)No-No

The Varsity Trip Committee has apologised for a shockingly low snowfall, which shows no signs of improving just days before the trip begins.

More Homerton Havoc On Uni Challenge

Claims of foul play, the emergence of a sex symbol, and a decent walloping made this week’s episode of University Challenge more exciting than most.

Mark Liu Blockbuster Approaches

Senior News Reporter PAPATYA SUTCLIFFE investigates exciting rumours of a new film by renowned Auteur and lothario Mark Liu.

Honeymoon’s Over For Student Love Site

As Cambridge matchmaking service ‘Beginning, Middle, End’ enters its second phase, The Tab takes a sneak peek at some of the best love notes so far.

CornEx Gets A Cheeky Makeover

One of Cambridge’s cultural hotspots is undergoing some pretty big renovations over the next few months, providing barrels of optimism music fans.

PUNT WARS II: Conservators Strike Back

River chiefs are cracking down on illegal punting companies, which will be banned from operating on the Cam next year.

Cameron’s Campaign Chooses Corpus

Corpus Christi features on a new tourism campaign launched by David Cameron, acting as a symbol of the UK’s dominance in education.

Uncertainty for Gilmour Inside and Out

Next term Girton will decide if Charlie Gilmour can return to Cambridge after prison. Meanwhile he faces discipline in his new prison for smuggling.

Welcome to the Happiest University in the UK

Freshers of 2011 will be pleased to know that not only is Cambridge the best academically, it’s also the happiest university in the country.

Admissions Roulette Leaves Russian Reeling

Desipte being predicted top marks in his IB exams, a Russian asylum seeker has been refused funding for Cambridge Uni next year.

University Challenged

Jeremy Paxman has admitted that he failed to make it into his college’s University Challenge team while a student, despite now hosting the show.

UPDATE: Murder On The Cam?

Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the body found in the Cam last week, the identity of which Police have released.

UPDATE: Oxford Dons Vote ‘No Confidence’ In Willetts

Oxford have passed the motion of ‘no confidence’ in David Willetts, 283 in favour, 5 against.

More Cambridge Bashing From National Surveys

A well known student accommodation website has Cambridge as one of the worst uni towns for student life.