Lauren York

Exclusive: ‘Turning Point’ For Sports Complex Plans

The long-awaited dream of a university sports centre is closer than ever today after a group of Hawks’ club alumni offered to raise the funds and ‘make this thing happen’.

The Background To The Sports Complex

LAUREN YORK charts the trials and tribulations of Cambridge’s longest running saga.

Caius Cook Up Some Trouble

Anger boils over as Caius ban hobs from their student accommodation.

Don and Dusted: Sackademics Face the Chop

Cambridge Dons are up in arms over proposals to make it simpler to sack academics.

Students Rebuild Bionic Dog

A group of 40 vets in Cambridge, including several students, have helped to piece a dog back together after she was left dead in a horrific car crash.

Flasher On The Loose Again

The notorious Cambridge flasher is back and this time he’s terrorizing student hostels.

Sharm El Break

The Tab’s Jailbreak team smash their Varsity counterparts to make it to to Egypt…but are beaten by a journey to Washington! Read the results and reaction here.

Cambridge Chaos: Swine To Blame

Chaos in Cambridge as snow – and a herd of pigs – shuts down transport

Sexual Inequality in Sport

Women’s sport in Cambridge is underfunded. It’s time the University took action to end this inequality.


Primark has opened a branch in Cambridge. Almost 300 people queued for hours to be at the front of the stampede. The Tab was there to see the carnage.

Berk in Burka Row

Nick Griffin has slated Cambridge for allowing students to graduate in burkas

Chigbo’s Power Play

CUSU President Tom Chigbo named one of the 100 most powerful black people in the UK

Shoe-Thrower Innocent

The Cambridge student who threw a shoe at the Chinese PM has been found innocent…

Have Morph Fun

Men in morph suits have been spotted spreading fun and booze around Cambridge…