Kelli Finnegan
Kelli Finnegan

viva la oxford comma

You’d be a fool to miss 30 for 30: Catholics vs. Convicts on ESPN today

‘I even heard people refer to Jimmy Johnson as the antichrist’

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Work at The Rat, spend at The Rat

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We’re bleeding orange and green

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The best of Miami food as told by these amazing food blogs

Carbs carbs everywhere

I was almost refused breakfast because my shorts were too short

They have a ‘no cheek’ policy

Is UMiami the only party school with a US Top 40 ranking? Yes. Yes it is.

We’re also the best in Florida, obviously

Hard Rock Stadium is banning explicit music and DJs from UMiami tailgates

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Big up President Frenk

Everything you need to know about Gary Johnson, our best option for president

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This is our season

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I go to a party school but I don’t drink

College isn’t just about getting black out drunk