Jonny Carter

The Brothers Ignatius at Clare Jazz

JONNY CARTER: Nuance and groove? Must be the first-wave ska of The Brothers Ignatius at Clare Jazz.

Filthy Dukes @ White Noise

JONNY CARTER: “The Junction’s new White Noise night could be a strong response to students seeking a credible Saturday night’s clubbing in a town devoid of a proper weekend dance.”

Caius Jazz presents Ian Shaw and Polly Gibbons

JONNY CARTER: “From the first song of the night, Ian Shaw’s sprightly piano-accompanied interpretation of Cole Porter’s “Get Out of Town”, I was reminded why Caius Jazz is by far my favourite music event in Cambridge”

Einstein’s Universe

JONNY CARTER joins the University Physics Society for an evening with Jack Liebeck and Brian Foster.

Freshers’ Week Gig Guide

The Tab’s new music Co-Editor, JONNY CARTER on some of the best gigs going on this Freshers’ Week.