Franki Alpert

The WiFi went down in Towers because rats damaged the cables

This is not a drill

Pizza Express are giving away free food in Loughborough tomorrow

There’s 100 pizzas up for grabs

Loughborough ranked second for top 100 Universities as rated by students

What even is Harper Adams?

It’s official: Women need more sleep than men

Make us breakfast in bed too

I used a lip pump and it’s ruined my mouth

I was hoping to look like Kylie Jenner

AU Ball early bird tickets sell out in record time

They sold out in 22 seconds

Kingfisher student house broken into after Exec reveal

They took thousands of pounds worth of electricals

Rutherford warden sends email about smoking weed in halls

He also said they found NOS in rooms

17 people arrested in Loughborough over a spate of burglaries

Eight of them have been charged

What are the food hygiene ratings of our favourite takeaways?

They’re abysmal

Papa Si photograph results in Stainthorpe ban

Here we go again

These Exec campaign bans are absolutely pointless

Just leave them be

Rowe banned from campaigning after inappropriate projector use

He projected onto the Whitworth building

The definitive guide to what your halls say about you

Who is even in John Phillips?

Societies executive officer campaigner Malkinson receives six hour ban

There was another Facebook misunderstanding

The network will be down for two hours due to maintenance

It will be from 7am to 9am tomorrow

Sport Exec campaigner Thomson received 12 hour campaign ban

All due to a Facebook slip up

The best LSU night: The result

Realistically they’re all pretty average

We went to Meet Burger and tried out all their food challenges

One of us threw up on the table

Are you Lufbra’s maddest fresher?

Or do you know someone who is?

Revealed: Who won Loughborough’s Bachelorettes?

She took over half the vote

What does your society say about you?

You’re all so fancy

Bill Mo students to host Take Me Out event for the Epilepsy Society

No likey, no lighty

Loughborough’s Bachelorettes: Vote now

Who will take the crown?

Clubbers of the week: Refreshers edition

Looking good Luff

Loughborough’s Bachelorettes: Miranda Rupp

Bang tidy

Loughborough’s Bachelorettes: Alyssa Phelps

Find her in Revolution Thursdays

Loughborough working with Sport England to encourage more people to get involved

We’re the best

Loughborough’s Bachelorettes: Emily Millen

Daym son where’d you find this?

Loc8Me house sign reported to council for obscenity

It reads ‘I want you inside me’

Loughborough Design grads are the most employable in the UK

Big up

English students receive bogus email from hacker

He called himself ‘The Warden’

Having a big bum might be trendy, but really it’s a pain in the arse

I always get creepy comments and all my jeans rip

The wind is officially the worst thing about Loughborough

Desmond, please

A heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes of Lufbra

Where would we be without these legends?

I’m not going to the gym in these clothes, but I look good

Let me wear what I want

Loughborough fresher loses eight stone and is now training to be a fitness instructor

He went from a 44″ waist to 32″ in under a year

Lufbra’s WiFi working intermittently after suspected cyber attack

Don’t they know it’s deadline week?

Loughborough’s fittest fresher: The boys

Feast your eyes on these guys

Princesses, locals and cross-dressers: The best clubbers this week

No ratio here

Are you Loughborough’s fittest fresher?

The search for Luff’s most eligible first year begins

Every type of person you will ever meet in Pilks

Can the silly freshers please gtfo already

Loughborough is the fifth most employable uni in the UK

We beat Durham and LSE

Campus safari: What your Loughborough sport says about you

They all walk on water

The best Yik Yaks rinsing DMU

Prepare for battle

What your favourite club night says about you

It’s the biggest decision you’ll make at uni

No matter how hard you try, Lufbra will never be upmarket

No I don’t want your dessert diner

Russo’s street art breathes life into our dull town and should stay

The murals give us an identity

Council orders Russo to remove all his popular street art

The decision comes after a public e-petition to protect the works proved unsuccessful

Third year wins Ultimate Edible Masterpiece national award for her satsuma artwork

Judges called it a ‘divine concept’

More details about new shopping complex in Baxter Gate revealed

There’s so much choice

Why is the careers fair always dominated by boring corporate firms?

Not all of us want to work for the Big Four

Plans for new bedrooms for Luff freshers

About bloody time

A pretender’s guide to your first drum and bass night

Yeah ketty bangers m8

£20,000 scheme to stop rowdy Lufbra students will see streets patrolled

Let the fun-ruining commence

Beware: Giant spiders are coming to Loughborough

It’s a nice welcome for Freshers

Loughborough wins 35th consecutive BUCS

Lufbra walks on water

Detonate festival overshadowed by queuing disaster

People are demanding a refund

Loughborough Women’s Officer informs students the SU will tackle sexual harassment

‘The most common thing is the grabbing of a girl’s crotch. Not just a pat, but full-on forcing their hands underneath skirts’

Half of Loughborough set to vote for Cameron

Cameron is your fave

Loughborough’s new logo causes outrage

It looks like Comic Sans

Nottingham Postgrad believed to be spy in Russia

Putin is pissed

Fun police set to lure us with chocolate and lollies if we’re too rowdy

Steer clear

Loughborough grad jailed for bottling reveller in the SU

He bottled it

What are your guilty pleasures?

We know you’re hiding something

Rich kids have bigger brains

The chino wankers of the world are better off than ever

Petition started to reinstate Reckless as SU President

Oh when will it end?

Hodor to headline Game of Thrones fancy dress grad ball

GoT is coming to Luf

Reckless resigns: President elect steps down after union slap ban fury

He blamed flaws in the election process

Top trims: These are the best haircuts on campus

Snip snip

Reckless victim Alexandra praises ‘wake-up call’ petition

‘It’s disturbing’

Leave Reckless alone

Enough is enough

‘Racist’ idiot calls exec candidate ‘n****’ as results revealed last night

‘For a student to racially abuse a fellow student is abysmal’

If you can’t eat with proper table manners, you should starve

You’re making people gag

The sauciest sexcapades from Loughborough


Franki Alpert: Feminism has ruined chivalry for me

Just hear me out

You’re not vibesy and it’s hideous – so please stop shuffling

You look ridiculous

Draconian rules against students will achieve nothing – the locals are just as bad

Sometimes they’re even worse

Why is Loughborough’s nightlife so terrible?

We’ve had enough of cheesy chips, cheesier music and ‘celeb’ appearances from White Dee