Emily Decker

I went to a pro-gun rights talk by a Conservative woman. Here’s what I learned.

‘If you are not fighting for your rights, you are losing them’

Former UW-Madison student Alec Cook pleads guilty to five charges including sexual assault

On Wednesday, Alec Cook pleaded guilty to five felonies, which include three charges of sexual assault

Does the Badger Football Team’s stay in a Trump hotel violate the constitution?

Some believe Wisconsin’s football team financially benefitted Trump by staying at a Trump hotel in Miami

All the myths you hear about sorority recruitment debunked

There are lots of stereotypes surrounding sorority recruitment, but are any of them actually true?

Publishers of a textbook for nursing students apologize for racist passages

This text book was used in a UW-Madison nursing class

UW-Madison man arrested for assault and attempted abductions is a federal sex offender

He tried to stuff a student in the trunk and cut her throat

Women are being underrepresented in government and Wisconsin is a huge part of the problem

Some congressmen left the floor to play cards while a congresswoman spoke