Emily Garside

Hawking: “Heaven Is A Fairy Tale”

Stephen Hawking has said in an interview that heaven is “a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark.”

CUSU Slam Gov’s National Scholarships

CUSU have criticised the government for not allocating enough cash to its National Scholarship programme, which aims to help poorer kids go to uni.

Sing When We’re Winning

Cambridge proved their dominance over Oxford once again this weekend, this time in the singing stakes.

US Uni Sexes Up Lectures

An American uni has controversially used live sex shows in their lectures. The Tab asks if it would make students here more likely to brave a 9am at Sidgwick.

Police Attacked Over King’s Affair

King’s College Student Union has issued a statement strongly condemning the actions of the police in the protest last week.

College Cockup Exiles Students

Ten Robinson students will be forced to live a 20 minute cycle away from their college because the college admitted too many students last year.

My Big Fat Gypsy Lie

EMILY GARSIDE on Channel Four’s failure to portray the ‘reality’ of reality television.

Resolution Next Year

EMILY GARSIDE walked through the doors of her local gym on the 2nd of January, and heard the slim blonde receptionist turn to her colleague and say: ‘Give it two weeks before they all give up’.