Bridget Conway
English major at Indiana University

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‘Is that your natural hair color?’: Everything that will happen to you on St Patrick’s Day if you’re really Irish

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A gunman is being investigated at IU

Two alerts have been issued

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I am angry

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Old people find millennial women’s voices ‘annoying’

Uptalk, vocal fry, and millennial women: the unnecessary stigmatization of speech

Old people find millennial women’s voices ‘annoying’

Uptalk, vocal fry, and millennial women: the unnecessary stigmatization of speech

Cruz’s visit to Bloomington foretold his campaign’s end

Ted talks and Hoosiers don’t listen

Ted Cruz is stopping by Bloomington on Monday

It’s part of his last chance to sway voters before the Tuesday primary

IU student arrested for filming women in Wright Quad showers

He was wearing an IU Culture of Care tank when he was arrested

Now pro-Trump graffiti hits IU campus

Other students have defaced the originals to read ‘no to Trump’ and ‘Drumpf’

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IU student arrested after Union Building bomb scare

A package labeled ‘call the bomb squad’ was left in the Student Central building

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Selfie optical illusion tricks don’t encourage healthy body image

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At almost every practice, someone will drive past our field and scream, ‘GRYFFINDOR!’ or ‘EXPELLIARMUS!’

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