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, Hull Editor of The Tab

Dope Burger is better than Five Guys

It’s the best burger you’ll get in Hull

, Hull Editor of The Tab

Hull students launch campaign to disaffiliate with the NUS

‘It’s absurd that we’re sticking in an organisation that so many people say doesn’t speak for them’

, Hull Editor of The Tab

All the things we’ll miss about Hull once we graduate

We love you

, Soton Opinion Editor of The Tab

Stop saying Kent is racist

‘No Nan, you can’t call them coloured people any more’

, Assistant Editor

The Midlands is a place, don’t tell me I live in the North (or South)

Ever heard of Stratford-upon-Avon?

, Durham Editor

I went on the pill to treat my acne and it almost killed me

Madison will be on blood thinning medication for the rest of her life

, Assistant Editor

Stop saying you’ll give up things you have no interest in quitting

‘This is the last time I’m drinking, ever’

Why are fish and chips in the south so bad?

No scraps, no gravy, no nothing


So you’re going to a rooftop party for the first time

Well everyone sells out at some point