Why has the SU been so dead recently?

Where have all the RoHoes gone?

Recent trips to the SU have had a distinct lack of fighting your way through the dance floor, whilst having your VK spilled down your front. There’s actually been space to dance without having some sweaty body grinding up against you. Where has everybody gone?!

At the beginning of term, you’d turn up, ticket prepared, and still have to queue longer than those without a ticket. The routine of leaving in plenty of time so as not to slowly sober up and freeze in the queue was in place, but recently it seems you could leave home at 11:30 and still be one of the first few people there.

where are you all hiding?

where are you all hiding?

Have people discovered some hidden Egham nightlife they’re not sharing with those of us still hitting the SU? Last week I ended up going Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and it was only Friday that was even slightly busy. Surely people weren’t just saving themselves for Vernon Kay on the Friday. Bloody Hodor was DJ’ing on Thursday and even that was half empty. Why? It was Hodor?! The SU book a half decent person and still no one turns up. What’s wrong with you people?!

at least there's enough room to throw some shapes.

At least there’s enough room to throw some shapes

Reading week it’s expected that the SU will be dead, and it more than lived up to that expectation – but this was a normal week. Even the people you can usually guarantee to see in the SU clutching at their VK claw weren’t out. I know the SU can get a bit tedious after a while, but if you have a good enough group of friends with you and enough gin to drown a small army, you can still have a top night no matter the venue.

SU, a place to lunge.

SU, a place to lunge

The bonus’ of it being half empty is of course the lack of queuing for the toilets and the bar. Also if you’re the wanderer of the group, you don’t have to send out an S.O.S or do laps of the SU trying to find the people you lost. They’ll be easy to spot amongst the 20 other people there.

incredible turn out.

incredible turn out.

I’m hoping it’s just that people have deadlines looming and that the nightlife here won’t take a turn for the even worse. The SU is all we have. Please don’t let it die. I need my weekly intake of VK to get me through the whole degree thing.