Everything that happens on that classic summer holiday


It’s coming up to that time of year again when the most important thing should be your end of year exams but really it’s where you and your friends are going to go on holiday this summer.

The lads/girls holiday is something everyone should do, from Sunny Beach and Zante, to overpriced Ibiza and the classic Malia. Each place offers a boozy filled, unforgettable holibobs.

Here’s everything to expect if you go on a classic trip away to the strip.

Questionable dancing

You will find yourselves swinging round poles, falling off podiums and climbing onto bars just to try get free drinks from the bar staff. You will dance in the streets, running from club to club and even end the night dancing on the beach. You will see sights you will never be able to un-see and you will slut drop and twerk as if you are Beyonce. Let’s not forget you will grind on everything and everyone, and still to this day have no idea what the people behind you looked like.

Regrettable decisions

You find yourself wearing as little clothing as possible as nights out are the sweatiest of places. You will wonder why you looked like something from the Ghostbusters at the paint party. You will dance all night long looking like a drowned rat after nearly dying at the foam party. You may even wake up in a T-shirt from a club and have no idea where any of your clothes have disappeared too. And if you are someone that caves at peer pressure you will probably wake up with a tattoo, piercing, no eyebrows or even bald.

Make friends that you think you have known forever

Without a doubt at least one night in the week you will lose everyone that you went away with, and there won’t be much hope of finding them again. However every single night you will meet a new group of people and spend the night like you have known them your whole life. They will see you in states people who have known you your whole life have never seen you in. And they probably never will.

Reps and bar staff become your fave people

Reps and bar staff will either become your favourite or the people you try to avoid every night. On the first night you will spend most of it getting pulled into different clubs as they tell you they have all the best deals. But by the end of the week you will be a pro at dodging all the reps as you run down the strip, knowing which reps are actually nice but most importantly who will give you the most for your money.

So. Many. Deals

Three triple vodkas and coke for five euros sounds like a great deal, until the next night where you make it to the end of the strip and for five euros they will give you five drinks, shots and a fishbowl. By the third night you will know the deals at every club, where to get laughing gas and who plays the best music.

The parties

As soon as you land reps will be raving about all the great ‘event packages’ on that week, and immediately you book yourself onto every single event that’s on. From all day boat, paint, foam and beach parties, bar crawls and maybe even an act or two. Even though they rob you of all your money on the first day you are there, they really do make the holiday. Unlimited drinks, messy drinking games (games parents should never know you participated in), and more then likely a free t-shirt, what more could you want?

Hungover pool days

You will get in at 7am from the night out yet every day you will try be out your hotel room before midday as you tell yourselves that ‘you need to make the most of the holiday’. However you will spend most of the day asleep on a sun bed, reminiscing on the events from the night before, like they say what happens on holiday stays on holiday.

The ‘local cuisine’

No matter where you go, there will always be that same mentality of trying the local foods. Yet on a girls/lads holiday thats easier said than done. You will find yourself in McDonalds on the strip at 6am in the morning struggling to eat your Big Mac and fries or you will wake up covered in lasts nights kebab and cheesy chips. Then when you have finally found the energy to move the following day you will sniff out the full english breakfast, can’t go wrong when most places sell them for as little as two euros. However if you do find yourself in Greece, Gyros is the best hangover cure going!

The memories

You make some of the most amazing memories, even if all you can remember is kissing eight different people in eight different clubs every single night. You will laugh more than you have ever laughed before, you may even cry. You will come back covered head to toe in bruises that you have no idea how you got and will most likely be sunburnt. Someone will definitely get chlamydia. Yet you wouldn’t change a thing.

AND you will probably need to book another holiday to recover from this one. 

University of Reading