Has anyone else noticed that Portsmouth’s branding is the same colour as snakebite?

Love it or loathe it, snakebite has become a staple part of every Pompey students diet

Whether you’re braving the Sunday night quiz or going all out on a Purple Wednesday, a pint, or seven of snakebite is an almost vital part of any student night. Whilst this delicacy is technically available across the lengths and breadths of the country, it’s true home is surely among the students of Portsmouth.

Wednesday is of course the most popular day for the snakebite, with Fleet and Popworld selling an average of 2300 pints of the stuff on this sacred day alone. Whilst half of this amount surely makes it’s way onto the floor, or down your (poorly chosen) white t-shirt this is still a staggering amount.

The University have of course picked up on this craze among students and encouraged it, after all it’s no coincidence that the drinks purple colour coincides with the University’s overall colour scheme. Everywhere we look on campus we’re bombarded with purple, why should the gutters after a heavy night look any different?

The University of course only supports ‘responsible’ drinking, however with incentives such as ‘skint Saturday’ at the union it’s hard to imagine a student with the will power to turn down a £1.60 snakebite.

This mentality of promoting a sole drink, and somewhat turning that drink into a brand for the University as a whole can seem a foreign concept to non Portsmouth students, who readily down any alcoholic beverage thrust upon them. Whilst the legacy of the snakebite will never be forgotten by some…

Some are not so keen on the idea…

University of Portsmouth