Why is moshing a thing?

You’re in Tiger Tiger, not a Bring Me The Horizon gig

Why is mosh even a word in the English language? Why does it exist? Most people go on a night out to have a good time, get drunk and dance. Right? So why do I find that more and more people are starting mosh pits in the middle of the upstairs Astoria dance floor? You can’t dance, keep a drink or have a good time if you’re being flung across the room. Well, I sure know I can’t.


Do you get a kick out of pushing a 5ft girl to the floor while her drink goes flying out of complete shock and horror? Or do you just love violently dancing to Temperature by Sean Paul!? I mean, I could understand if Mr. Brightside comes on and you let your testosterone gets the better of you. But does the WHOLE dance floor need to be subject to your extreme excitement. This is not Step-Brothers there is not “so much room for activities.”


You always know when one is about to start, it’s like a feeling you have deep down. You can feel yourself being pushed back further and further into the depths of sweatiness and elbow jabbing, and at that point you know you need to run to the toilet for safety or you’ll probably die.


Apart from providing security with an entertaining shift, what is the actual point of moshing?

Kieran Irwin, a first year student at Portsmouth University told The Tab: “It’s just fun. Why would you want to stand around nodding when really good, loud music is playing?”

“All I wanna do is jump around and go mental. If there’s a song on that’s sick, I just wanna go mad.”


Lise Eaton, a second year student at the University of Portsmouth told The Tab: “I always get hit and probably end up losing something.

“Me and my friend were in Liquid during the Big Night Out and we got caught up in the mosh pit during the foam party. She lost her glasses and spent the rest of the night on her knees looking for them. We finally found them, the arm had broken off and she had to pay £150 for a new pair.”

Is this really what the future of nights out have become? Soon everyone will be moshing to Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott while drinks get knocked across the room into oblivion. I’d rather drink my drink and get smashed, not smashed into a wall.


All photo credits to: Paula Jayde Cooper