Lenton based vegan restaurant 13th Element announces closure due to cost of living crisis

13th Element will remain open via Uber Eats until the end of January

Nottingham’s Lenton-based vegan restaurant 13th Element has announced it will be closing at the end of January.

The restaurant was opened three years ago and is best known for its wide selection of vegan food including burgers, sides and milkshakes.

13th Element posted the announcement on their Instagram stating the closure was due to a challenging year due to the rising costs of energy, supply and labour.

Customers can support 13th Element before their closure by ordering collection or takeaway via UberEats. Since posting about their closure, the restaurant temporarily sold out of stock after so many orders were placed.

13th Element said: “We have started looking at how we can move forward but we do need to raise funds”.  A crowdfund will be launched soon in response to the overwhelming amount of supportive messages from the community encouraging them not to close.

The post also expressed the team’s passion to offer “great food and a great atmosphere”, in order to change how vegan food is perceived, whilst helping the sustainability of the planet.

Their statement finished with: “Our customers have become our friends and we will do everything we can to keep 13th Element alive”.

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