Notts grad who’s on The Apprentice made a song about the first episode and I’m dead

Is it a bop????

An Apprentice candidate who is also a recent Uni of Nottingham grad has made turned last night’s episode into a song, and it’s low-key cringe but also maybe kind of a bop?

The Apprentice 2023 hit our screens with the first episode of the series last night, and one of the candidates is Nottingham’s very own Avi Sharma.

24-year-old Avi the youngest candidate in this year’s series, graduating from Nottingham in 2019 with a 2:1 in economics.

After the show last night, Avi took to Instagram with a song he’d written especially about the episode.

It contains some potentially Grammy award-winning lines, such as: “Candidates in the lobby, just looking real mean. Listening to Sugar, he’s letting off steam. God forbid that he tries to come for me”, “Standing next to Reece, gonna tear it to pieces”, and “No moment ever felt surrealer, I smiled when he told us we were going Antigua.”

In Avi’s song he goes on to talk about the task, selling tickets and then running the tour in Antigua.

He then says: “After the task we returned with success. Yes! The girls sold less, even if our tour weren’t the best. Emma got fired, she said more things than she shoulda said. I know we did good, I’m surprised there weren’t tears.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber couldn’t write it better himself, tbh. You can watch the whole song for yourself here:


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After leaving uni, Avi worked in Barclays for three years but hopes that Lord Sugar’s investment will help him “escape the rat race of a banking job” boasting that he is the “hardest working rat” Lord Sugar will ever meet.

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