If you eat 9/10 of these foods, you’re officially a Notts student

If you don’t know, get to know

Whilst doing your degree at Nottingham, it is important to explore all the culinary options that this thriving city has to offer. Whether that is cheesy chips or a fancy sit down meal on some swings, Notts has it all. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of every crucial plate that sums us up as Nottingham students.

1. Sheaves cheesy chips

We have all done it. You are two pints deep, and suddenly, that box of chips is calling your name. You head to the trailer, restraining yourself from a detour to the pop-up vape stand. The deal is done. With a drizzle of garlic mayo or ketchup, they are the perfect snack for a night at Sheaves.

2.  Halls brunch

A post-night-out debrief over a full-english and mocha sums up first year. It is by far one of the best meals in halls for a first year, savour it. I miss having my meals cooked for me.

3. Spar meal deal

Bean wrap, packet of crisps and an orange Lucozade. Solid scran for on the go. What’s not to like? Make sure you get there before 1pm though, because all that’ll be left are some questionable choices.

4. Anything from AvoCafe

Venturing to AvoCafe the morning after a rough night or even for a daytime study session sums up Notts students to a tee. It may be slightly overrated, but it’s a debrief hotspot in Lenton. If you listen hard you can always hear some interesting gossip.

5.  L’Italionos pizza

After a heavy night at Crisis, L’Italionos is the perfect stop off en route back to Lenton.  For a second, you forget you are on the border of Radford as you are tucking into your pizza under the glistening blue sky. Rome vibes x

6. Mowgli

Mowgli is a bit of a stretch of the student budget, but it is completely worth it. You can’t say you have been unless you get a picture sitting on the swinging chairs.

7.  Joe’s wraps

Every Notts student has headed to Portland for a Joe’s at some point. Their iconic wraps or Lebanese flatbreads, paired with a side of wedges, are a top-tier campus meal.

8. Sausage roll at Wollaton park

Nothing beats a hungover walk around Wollaton followed by one of the iconic sausage rolls from the cafe. They put Greggs sausage rolls to shame and also offer a vegan option.

9. Ice cream by Lakeside

If you have never walked around the lake with a Mr Whippy in hand, you can’t claim to be a  Nott’s student.  A first-year speciality includes a boat trip, followed by overpriced ice cream.

10. Food factory

You may have had too many £1 shots at Quids In to recognise the name, but the kebabs at the Food factory are definitely the best in Nottingham. Situated directly opposite Pryzm, you must have been at least once, even if you can’t remember.

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