Toon themed Valentine’s Day cards only NCL students could send

Take some inspiration from the beautiful Toon around you

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there really is no better excuse to be spotted in the nearest card shop, buying that “you are my favourite human being” or “hot stuff” card that makes pretty much all of our toes curl; you can just about get away with it this time of year.

It’s safe to say there really is no limit, nor end, to the array of jokes, puns and play on words that are printed on Valentine’s Day cards, ranging from basic food related puns to the raunchier, let’s just say “less appropriate” stuff (I’m sure the kinkier people out there can make a good guess).

But, what about Valentine’s Day cards that only Geordies, or us students studying in Newcastle could send? Of course, there’s the basic “you’re the new to my castle”, which I’m sure we can agree is both terrible and brilliant, but surely we can do better?

As student’s, our budgets are tight, so I’ve come up with some of the best (or arguably also the worst) Toon themed cards to make, or write for your Valentine this year, that only us in the city could get away with sending. Just a prior warning – it only gets worse as you read on.

I love yee to the Toon and back

Starting strong with one I found online. Horrible I know, but at least it’s on Geordie theme which implies some thought and effort was made?

This card is to show howay much I love you

Again, toe curling but the use of play on words and Geordie slang I guess can categories this card as “personalised” and I was quite impressed with myself at being able to come up with something so Genius.

Av washed me balls pet, just for yee

Any card using the word “pet” can definitely get away with being Newcastle themed.  A very flexible phrase that you could definitely stretch to fit any Valentine’s Day card to give it that extra personal Toon touch. I did stumble across this which would be perfect for the more explicit couples out there… just try not to let your dad see.

Let’s get Miggy with it

Anything Newcastle United related you could definitely get away with. This one is a good choice, I can’t say I understand the reference behind it, but if your significant other is football obsessed (or even better, a diehard Newcastle fan) I’m sure these would go down very well. Get creative with this as the list of possibilities is endless. If you’re having trouble with those creative juices, here are some of the best ones I found to give you some ideas.

You’re my angel of the North

I did warn you it was only going to get worse. I think this one gets the top cringe award, but if you and your partner are into the whole cringe thing then this one’s perfect for you; simple yet creative and, personally, I think pretty clever.

Couples that drink together, stay together

There’s also this, which I suppose isn’t just applicable to just Newcastle, but it seems giving this to someone from Newcastle would be the most appropriate use for this card.

Roses are red, the Toon’s black and white, Happy Valentine’s Day, you Geordie delight!

To finish off strong (actually incredibly weak) we have my personal favourite, the classic roses are red poem but with a Geordie twist. It’s both sickening yet brilliant. I don’t really have much to say about this one, other than if you’re using this for your Valentine’s Day card, prepared for your significant other to be both impressed and disappointed.

So, if you’re looking for a way to “personalise” your Valentine’s Day card for your boyfriend or girlfriend, that you might have met in the Toon, hopefully these provide a couple of somewhat genius ideas.

Save the student loan for that half pizza, half pasta date at Francesca’s and handwrite your Valentine’s Day card using the brilliant array of Toon and Geordie themed puns to really impress.

Disclaimer:  The Tab will not be held liable for any Valentine’s Day breakups over bad Geordie card choices!

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