Nine BeReals every student will take in Lincoln

The notification might as well say ‘it’s time to be exposed’

With the global phenomenon that is BeReal taking over university campuses up and down the country, students use the “It’s time to BeReal!” notification as an excuse to give all their followers an insight into the daily life of a student in their city, and Lincoln is no exception. You never know when the app will catch you off guard, while you’re on the high street, studying on campus, or running late to your 9 am in a three-day-old hoodie. Here’s our list of the nine locations where almost every student at Lincoln will have taken a BeReal.

In a lecture

As a major component of any university, you’d be surprised to find out that many student BeReal’s are taken in lectures. Yes, we all know we should be paying attention rather than being on our phones in time to see the notification go off, but rushing to find the perfect angle to snap a photo from makes for an entertaining two minute break from the hour of being talked at in the morning. Besides, your 9am might be the only time you’re ever awake to take your BeReal on time that early.

Studying in the library

Ah yes, the most studious of the definitely staged BeReal’s. It’s almost fate when the notification goes off the only time you’ve been in the library in months. Time to panically pose your laptop and textbook into perfect position while all the other confused library goes stare at the maniac pouting in front of the computer. But it’s all worth it to prove to all your followers that you are, in fact, a good student.

At the pub

This is probably the most common BeReal for any student at Lincoln. While we’d like to pretend we spend all our time on campus studying day and night for that first class degree, admit it, you’ve lost track of time in Square Sail and missed your afternoon seminar. No one would ever know your dirty little secret if BeReal hadn’t gone off just as you ordered your first pint and caught you in the act. Maybe bite the bullet and post late this time so no one knows you’ve been at the pub since noon.

At Lincoln Station

This BeReal is an opportunity to make you seem more exciting than you actually are. You imagine your friends scrolling on their phones, so used to seeing a photo of you in bed when suddenly you’re not only outside but on a train! It makes you seem like a worldly traveller, who knows where you could be going? In reality, you’re just travelling home with all your dirty clothes so you can save a small fortune on Circuit Laundry.

Train crossing

Of course, if you’ve taken your BeReal before stepping onto a train, you’re bound to find yourself taking a photo from the other perspective. This is the BeReal you take if you want people to feel sorry for you, or at least relate to your unfortunate situation. You’ll caption it something like “about to miss my lecture” with a sad emoji to emphasise the tragic series of events that BeReal has found you in, a comment sure to get you some sympathetic reactions to make you feel better. But at least it is a good excuse to give your lecture for being late.

At pre’s

If you don’t get lucky enough for BeReal to go off in the club, pre’s is the next best thing. However, this is the environment BeReal has its time to shine. Smashmouth’s All Star is blasting through the Bluetooth, everyone’s having a good time, and suddenly the music is interrupted by an all-familiar notification. The perfect time to get that group photo before going out.

At Quack

BeReal going off at Quack? The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Or the more likely scenario, you’ve been waiting since 10am this morning just so you can take it 12 hours late at Quack. You never know, this time you might be able to include a Quack duck in the photo.

Food shop

Sometimes BeReal can catch you doing something useful, and you definitely milk the perfect timing. The big shop at Morrisons or a quick trip to the local Tesco Express, the photo’s always the same: Your trolly or basket to give everyone a little sneak peek into your weekly shop. Well done, your friends know you can feed yourself and they’re all very proud.

Getting a Tesco meal deal

Not quite a balanced lunch but it does the trick. BeReal is more likely to find you looking at this aisle in Tesco than any other, trying to decide between a Chicken Triple or a Pasta Salad. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get roasted about your choice of meal deal in your comments.

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