Fancy a student date night soon? Here’s where you should go in Lincoln based on your vibe

God knows an awkward sit down dinner isn’t for everyone

Lincoln has a wide range of date night places for any sort of vibe. No matter what mood you are in, you will always be able to find something to do. Whether that is a cute date at a café or a night out drinking and playing games, Lincoln has plenty to offer and these are just a few of the places.

Active Vibe? Gloryholes is for you

Gloryholes is the place for you if you enjoy activities or are a fan of mini golf. Its mini golf space has an exciting atmosphere and there is also a bar area so you can drink whilst you place. Each room is different to the last which means there are plenty of funny photo opportunities. Its “raunchy” theme is entertaining for a date. For a first date, it makes a good ice-breaker, but still a great date idea no matter your relationship status.

Chill Vibe? Try the Queen in the West

Queen in the West is a charming pub close to West Parade if you’re more of a pub person. It is the perfect place if you want a more chilled out date while being in a nice environment. They have plenty of other drinks as well, such as a Long Island iced tea, if you don’t fancy a pint. It includes a darts board and has live music, and they have quizzes on from time to time.

Fancy Vibe? Check out Cognito

Consider checking out Cognito if cocktails and Japanese cuisine are your thing. It has a wide range of Japanese food which also includes vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options. If you have more of a fancy vibe, Cognito’s interior and atmosphere is very lavish. They also have a rooftop bar where you can go up to after your meal, or you can visit if you are just fancying a cocktail night. Who doesn’t love a rooftop bar?

Gaming Vibe? Go to Carousel

If you are a sucker for a games night, Carousel is where you belong. They have a tone of arcade games, including air-hockey and Dance Dance Revolution, which you can play all night long on. They have a darts board and shuffle board table down stairs as well if that is more your thing. Carousel also has loads of different cocktails and other fun drinks. You must also take a picture in the infamous bumper car while you are there.

Cute Vibe? Head to the Rising Cafe

For more of a chilled vibe, the Rising Café is one of Lincoln’s top cafés if you enjoy a cute atmosphere. It is run by volunteers for the church and has a wide selection of food, afternoon teas and loads of other amazing food. The menu ranges from afternoon teas to burgers so there is something for everyone. It is the perfect place for a sweet afternoon date.

Outdoorsy Vibe? Check out Daisy Made Farm

Just a bit outside the centre of Lincoln is this amazing farm. If you love animals and an outdoor date, this is perfect for you, especially if you are on a budget. Daisy Made Farm has a farm-themed mini golf area and makes their own ice cream which you can buy and try while you are there. They also have loads of animals around the farm and some you can even go and feed.

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