We went to Lin-Con at the Engine Shed and here’s what it was like

Here’s is a run down of the devious and heroic fun that was to be had.


Lin-Con came to the engine shed here in Lincoln on the September 30th, which was very accessible to University Of Lincoln students being on campus and so close to student accommodation, with student tickets being £1 cheaper than the adult tickets online and at the door.

From Captain Jack Sparrow taking the stage to The Nun instilling fear into anyone who gazed into their eyes, here is what went on during 2023’s Lin-Con.

We were absolutely spoilt for choice and the wallet was 100 per cent in tears at how much money could be spent. The atmosphere was brilliant. Everyone was smiling and interacting with each other. I got a fair few compliments, dressed as Harley Quinn (naturally).

VIP ticket holders entered first at 10 am, prebooked tickets followed on at 10:30am and the public could buy at the door from 11am. There were many stalls selling a variety of things: Pillows, jewellery, plush toys, shortbread, cupcakes and so many figurines.

(Bryan Hurt via Facebook)

The first event was a parody of family fortunes, eight people split into two teams of four. Winners got £10 to spend at any stall within the venue, which unfortunately didn’t include the food vans outside.

Outside of the engine shed, the Batmobile decided to make an appearance. Appearing in all its spectacular glory outside the engine shed and the library. It was huge, a sight to see and the roar of its engine sent shivers down my spine. If I was actually a Gotham villain, I would be absolutely terrified if I heard it closing in on me.

The main event of the day was the cosplay competition, with the judges dressed as Batman, Captain Jack Sparrow and Deadpool. Batman being out of Gotham hopefully didn’t spell bad news, and Deadpool came to make sure we all had a laugh.

Our host was the magnificent Joker (Batman and the Joker in one room, on the same stage, not attacking each other, what a rare sight indeed), and interacted with every runner in the contest.

There were three categories for the competition, the under 16’s, the villains and the heroes. If you were unsure if you were a dastardly villain or a courageous hero, the convention let you choose which category you wanted to run in. There were many brave contestants that walked onto the stage throughout, a range of costumes that dazzled the eyes of many.

My favourite of the under 16’s, Groot, took the stage and won many hearts. Groot wasn’t overly talkative, repeating their favourite word “Groot” while on stage. The audience was in awe with this kid dressed up as the cute little plant pot.

I took to the stage, a harrowing experience in front of what felt like hundreds of people. Putting on a huge smile for everyone including myself. The host was super friendly and reassuring. It was so relaxing and fun, a week full of lectures, workshops and seminars was well worth the joy I felt walking through the masses of people. Treating myself to some of the delicious treats on offer to reassure myself that university is going to be fun.

The day as a whole was full of fun and joy. There were games every hour of the event, and the mass amount of people all around the area dressed head to toe in a huge variety of costumes was a sight to see.

As a student, I think it was the best start to a weekend, after a week of lectures and seminars, getting used to university life, it really helped me relax, something fun to take my mind off things.

I highly recommend students have a lookout for the engine shed events as they can be an exciting getaway from the academic side of student life.

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