Ranking all the places in Lincoln you can get a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Seems like you can satisfy that autumnal craving no matter where you are in Lincoln

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is finally back in season and the iconic drink made famous by Starbucks has spread like wildfire to cafes all over Lincoln. With the amount of places hopping on the autumn trend, it’s difficult to find somewhere that doesn’t sell them in some way or another. So from just a splash of flavoured syrup to those who make the PSL their own, here’s a list of all the places, the wonderful and the weirder, you can get a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in Lincoln this October.

Starbucks … Obviously

How could this not make the top of our list? No matter where you go you can’t beat the creator when it comes to the Pumpkin Spice latte. At Starbucks, a PSL isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle, an event, and a state of mind. Where the question “Would you like cream and cinnamon on top?” seems obsolete because both you and the barista know your answer: Of course you do. Lincoln High Street is, of course, the obvious location to get your autumnal drink fix, but a Starbies is available while rushing to a lecture in the David Chiswick building, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of a brand PSL available right on campus?

200 Degrees Coffee

But what if you find Starbucks on the high street too … corporate? You’re happy to support a chain sure, but you want it to feel independent and authentic even while indulging in this viral beverage. 200 Degrees Coffee might be the perfect location for your afternoon PSL. Its cosy interior makes it almost obligatory to order a cosy fall drink and maybe grab a sweet treat to match. Good vibes and good coffee with a pumpkin spice twist: What else could you want from your autumn coffee? Just make sure you don’t forget your latest BookTok book to complete the experience.

Coffee Depot

Cafe Depot on Carholme Road is already a student favourite all year round, so why not stay loyal during the colder months? Of all the places on this list, Depot matches the autumn vibes better than anywhere else, with its dark wood table and chairs, books to read at every table, and even a cosy leather sofa to curl up on for a comfier choice of seating. So Depot is definitely the spot for all you autumnal hipsters around Lincoln. The PSL here is just a syrup addition to their already good lattes, but it does give you the option to get it iced which is a nice option amid the unpredictable and surprisingly sunny October weather. And that student discount doesn’t hurt either.

Lincoln Pier Cafe

A surprising name on the list, the PSL at the Pier cafe in Minerva is a fab change from the usual sweet drink you’d find at Starbucks. The drunk here has more of a coffee kick while still staying true to the iconic autumn spice flavours that make a pumpkin spice latte the go-to girly fall drink. With a super calm and friendly vibe if you’re sitting in, and quick service with a smile if you take away, you don’t need to sacrifice showing up to uni on time just to grab a fall drink. So now you can rush to your 9am lecture on campus while still keeping the fall girly vibes you want to embody this month.

Zing Cafe Bar

With a home in the Lincon Arts Centre on campus building right next to the library, this is another place on our list that is the perfect mix of convenience and quality. Their take on the pumpkin spice latte the most like the iconic Starbucks drink than any other on this list. The sweet kick that some students desperately need after a long morning of lectures, the LAC’s Cafe Bar’s pumpkin spice can be enjoyed for only £3 as their seasonal special under the florescent warm stage lights that make it obvious you’re in the performing arts building.


Believe it or not, even your favourite campus sports bar has hopped on the PSL trend with Pumpkin Spice syrup available to add to your latte. But there’s a reason it’s last on this list. It’s just what you expect from a bar’s coffee, just the cup of coffee you need to get through the day with a little bit of sweetness to help you forget the stress of exams. Sure, it’s no Pinterest latte art, but at Students’ Union prices, who says you can’t get that fall spice feeling on a budget?

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