Where you would see The Great British Bake Off contestants on a night out in Lincoln

I’m just trying to bake it to my 9am after Quack


The Great British Bake Off came back on our screens and whether you’re planning on a flat watch-a-long each week or your mum is flooding you with texts about it, it’s a feel good programme adored by the population. Each year we are met with an array of characters and week by week we get to know them more and more which got me thinking, where would you likely to bump into them on a night out in Lincoln?


AmosDegree: BSc (Hons) biology

As the first contestant to leave the competition (spoiler alert), we only had a short time getting to know Amos but that’s not to say we wouldn’t be likely to see him out on the town. Despite his orca not going to plan, his charm and chic kept us watching. He was not shy to a splash of colour in his baking and his style, so I am sure he would definitely whale-come to Popworld with his “kriller” moves! Sorry, I’ll stop with the puns. Seriously though, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t see Amos with two VKs in hand, having a whale of a time!


Degree: BA (Hons) English and drama 

Speaking of sea animals, Rowan finished the week with his lobster showstopper and he is definitely one to watch as the weeks go on. This man is the definition of slay, like who else makes themselves a wedding cake for their 21st birthday? Rowan’s belief in going big or going home for his bakes would make him no stranger to a night spent sashaying and partying in The Scene. If you’re going to have a night out, why be out until only 2am when you could still be strutting your stuff until 6am? Rowan for sure would be the last to leave – you’d probably have to drag him back to his flat. 


CristyDegree: BA (Hons) fashion

Unlike Rowan, Cristy would be more likely to drink the night away on all the cocktails in Slug and Lettuce, stealing the watermelon cups and taking selfies in the bathroom. Her love for making pretty and enchanting cakes would fit right in with Slug and Lettuce’s pink and flowery aesthetic. However, her absolutely adorable (albeit scary eyed) duck showstopper would be perfect for Lincoln. Do I hear Cristy’s Duck Vs Swanny for mascot? 


TashaDegree: BA (Hons) product design

Tasha would be fighting her easy through rowdy rugby lads to catch a duck on a Wednesday night, sorry lads but she doesn’t care if it’s your corner she’s getting that duck. If her Robin cake wouldn’t charm the DJ to throw a duck right at her, I don’t know what would. Her skills at creating such a hyper-realistic cake look  so real it could probably fly over the crowd and snatch one up for her. Forget sweet talking a security guard for one when your robin could get one for you.


MattyDegree: BSc (Hons) sports and exercise therapy

I don’t think it came as a surprise when it was revealed that Matty was a P.E Teacher, but he definitely put in the practice when it came to his bakes. However, if we are speaking to him in teacher terms. What went well, he managed to successfully create a dog cake, however it would be even better if he practised that little bit more to get the perfect black buttercream. Meanwhile, after a long week of teaching I’m sure Matty would let loose on the top floor of Superbull to songs by Central Cee or Ardee. He’d probably see a few of his students there too. “Sir, were you at Bull on Friday?” 


DanDegree: BSc (Hons) animal behaviour and welfare

I know the showstopper challenge was to create a lifelike animal cake but are we going to skip over the doppelganger in the tent? I could have sworn that when me and my flatmate sat down to watch the show it was Bear Grylls on our screen, but no, it wasn’t. Dan’s rise to star baker was still enjoyable to watch, I’m sure Bear Grylls would feature his cake on an episode of Deadly 60. As for nights out, I would hope he would embrace his lookalikes ways and get one with nature and spend his evening with a nice cold bev on West Common. He can take his dog too, preferably the real one, but each to their own. 


NickyDegree: BA (Hons) musical theatre

Now, Nicky tell us about your beaver – an iconic start to the bake off season and what can I say, she would definitely enjoy a cheeky night putting holes in Glory Holes. In fact, why don’t they make her beaver a prime feature? Nicky’s beaver hole – okay maybe not. Regardless, I can see her getting together with her girl friends having a night away from their partners, finding the props way too funny, the kind of reaction your auntie has after a few too many wines at a family party.


JoshDegree: BSc (Hons) chemistry

You wouldn’t see him. We all have that one flatmate, or it might be you, who would rather stay at home instead of going out and Josh would definitely be that flatmate. His style just screams night in, curled up on the sofa watching the telly with a cup of tea and biscuits. Or in Lincoln Court’s case no telly, just a laptop and single bed which you gaslight yourself into thinking is comfy. 


DanaDegree: BA (Hons) creative writing and journalism

Dana is the type of girl you’d see running for president of the Swift society and requesting Anti-Hero on the bottom floor of Home. She’d be screaming “It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem, me,” whilst sinking a VK knowing damn well she’s not making it to her 9am in the morning. 


AbbiDegree: BSc (Hons) zoology

Abbi’s the type of girl who would be in third year dragging her flatmates out to the weekly quiz at Towers because she hasn’t missed one since third year. She’d sink pints of dark fruits one by one but still lead her team to victory before diverting to the Brayford on the way home to sit with the ducks and swans. You know those people who let the ducks and birds sit all over them? Abbi for sure would be one of those guys, even more after a few drinks.


SakuDegree: BSc (Hons) psychology and education

Within the first episode we saw a wholesome moment shared between Saku and Paul Hollywood as they shared a hug and despite his stern exterior it was an adorable watch. Saku is the type of lady who runs a girls’ group chat for her accommodation, organising group events to have fun without the pressure of drinking. She’d spend her evening with the girls at Playzone giggling and gossiping. She would save her BeReal for when she’s going down the slide making a change from the usual Minerva seminar room.


keithDegree: BSc (Hons) computer science

What a man. Keith keeps it real, taking each bake as they come and I’m sure that’s how he would take uni. Chilled, laid back and not bothered. Missing a lecture? Ah well, there’s always tomorrow! He’d be the guy who suggests going for a pint at the Swan in between lectures before following up with a night getting drunk in Spoons. You’d see him making friends with the locals and would have a specific table he’d occupy every time.

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