It’s that time of year again – here are of all the Lancaster colleges’ Freshers’ events

Welcome to our newest batch of freshers!

It’s officially that time of year again! The tumbleweed can stop blowing through Alex Square, the ducks will have more people to steal Greggs from, and the dance floor at Sugar is anxiously waiting your arrival. Freshers’ is most people’s highlight of the year, where you can dive headfirst into all your college activities, go to Sugar every night and not worry about missing your 9am lectures.

If you’re a fresher, then you should know your college will look after you during Freshers’ Week, making sure you don’t have a minute to sit and miss your home as you settle into life at Lancs. From college merch to sports days to craft events and nights out, you can be sure there’ll be plenty to give you an action-packed first week at Lancaster University.


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Saturday 30th September: Welcome Talk (4:30 pm), Free Dinner from Marketplace (5:15 pm), Chilled Evening with Reps and your new flatmates (6pm).

Sunday 1st October: Free Breakfast (10:00), Campus Tours with Reps (11am–2pm), International Meet and Greet x Lonsdale (4–7pm), Welcome Party in County Bar with DJ OAT and CEO (8–11pm).

Monday 2nd October: County Sports Day (12–3pm), County Fest! With Live music from RICE, food stalls and forum stalls (12–3pm), Live Music in County Bar from Paragon and Citrus Tax (8pm– late).

Tuesday 3rd October: Town Tours (10am and 1pm), Bingo, Board Games and Bar Sports in County Bar (7–10pm), Town Bar Crawl (7pm), County x Cartmel Neon Night out at VIBE (11:30pm).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair, Pyjama Party x Sober Soc Film Night in County Common Room (8pm).

Thursday 5th October: College Rivals – County vs Fylde Sports (1 – 4 pm), Cookies and Crafting with the CAT Team (12–3pm), Big Night On Campus – Campus Bar Crawl and Sugarhouse (6pm).

Friday 6th October: Brunch and Brews in the Common Room (11–1pm), Eco Eats Delivery (4–6pm), Soup Soc and Sing-A-Long in the Common Room (7–10pm), County x Cartmel Quizzing with the Queens (7pm), Generation Nightclub (11pm).

Saturday 7th October: International Student Welcome (10am–12pm), Town Tours (10am and 1pm), Live Music in the Bar (7–9pm), Last Night Out – Crafties and Mint (9pm).


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Saturday 30th September: Arrivals (10am–4pm), Welcome Talk (6:30–7pm), Free Dinner (7–8pm), Mario Night in Lonsdale Bar (9pm–late).

Sunday 1st October: Games in Bar (1–4pm), Town Tours (2–4pm), Movie Night in the bar (8–10pm), Lock in at Mint (8pm–12am), Funky Shirt at Generation (12am–late).

Monday 2nd October: Lonnie Fair (12–3pm), International Event (4–6pm), Neon Night x Furness at Vibe (11pm– late).

Tuesday 3rd October: Welfare Breakfast (10am–12pm), Meet Your Major (11am–3pm), Campus Tours (3–5pm), Mocktail Event x Grizedale x Cartmel at Grizedale Bar (4–6pm), Bingos Bango at Lonsdale Bar (7–11pm).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (9am–4pm), SCR Craft Event at Lonsdale Bar (5-7pm), Blue Night x County at Sugarhouse (9pm–late).

Thursday 5th October: Book Club (2–4pm), Big Night On Campus (9pm–12am), Big Night Out at Sugarhouse (12am–late).

Friday 6th October: Major Orientation (9 am–4pm), Founders Sports Day x Bowland (12–3pm), Bar Sports taster (5–7pm), Craft Event x Fylde x Swiftsoc (7–9pm), Town Bar Crawl then VIBE sports theme (8pm–late).

Saturday 7th October: House Wars (1–3pm), Board Games (6–8pm), Movie Night (8–10pm), Sugarhouse (12am–late).

Sunday 8th October: Welfare Breakfast (10am–12pm), Woodland Walk (12–2pm), Freshers Graduation in Lonsdale Bar (4–6pm).


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Saturday 30th September: Arrivals (9am–5pm), Welcome Talk (5pm), Free Food (5:45–7pm), Games Night in the Common Room (7–9pm), Re-Strav (10pm–1am).

Sunday 1st October: International Meet and Greet at Bonington Steps (11:30–1:30pm), Campus Tour (2:30–4:30pm), Movie Night in the common room (6–9pm), Lock In at Mint (8pm–12am), Neon Theme night at VIBE (10pm–late).

Monday 2nd October: College Fair (10:30am–12:30pm), Just Dance with Furness and Sober Soc (7–1opm).

Tuesday 3rd October: Activiteas with Book Club (11:30am–1:30pm), Cozy Crafts with Living History Society (4–6pm), Big Night On Campus and Sugar (6pm–late).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (10am–4pm), Cookies and Milk with Baking Soc (5:30-7:30pm), Shit Shirt theme Pub Crawl and Generation with Pendle (9pm–late).

Thursday 5th October: Guide Dogs with Furness (11am–1pm), College Sports Day (1pm–6pm), Fylde Bingo (7–9pm), Bar Sports (9–11pm).

Friday 6th October: Swiftie Bracelet Making with Lonsdale and Craft Soc (5:30–7:30pm), Dress as Your Degree Night at Crafties (9pm–late).

Saturday 7th October: Minature University Mental Health day (11am–3pm), Pub Quiz (8–10pm).


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Saturday 30th September: Arrivals (Morning and Afternoon), Welcome Talk and Meal (Evening), Bar Sports (Evening).

Sunday 1st October: Post-it Note Competition (Morning), Pet Paparazzi (Morning), Selfie Competition (Afternoon), Tour for Internationals (Afternoon), Bingo Night (Evening).

Monday 2nd October: College Life Presentation (Morning), College Life Presentation (Afternooon), Crafty Scholar and Sugar (Evening), Book Club (Evening).

Tuesday 3rd October: Plant Pot Paint (Afternoon), Big Night On Campus and Sugarhouse (Evening), Games Night and Bingo (Evening).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (10am–4pm), Shit Shirt theme Pub Crawl and Generation with Fylde (Evening).

Thursday 5th October: Town Tour (Morning), LUSU Sports Day (Afternoon), Mario Kart (Afternoon) Mint and Retro Neon at VIBE (Evening).

Friday 6th October: Woodland Walk (Morning), Subject Orientation (Morning and Afternoon), Start a Band (Afternoon), Pendle Live with Bailrigg FM (Evening).

Saturday 7th October: Sports Captains Meeting (Morning), Pendle Sports Day (Afternoon), Movie Night (Evening).

Sunday 8th October: Meet your Well-Being Team (Morning), Coffee and Catch Up with Sober Soc (Afternoon), International Kahoot with Cartmel (Evening).


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Sunday 1st October: Move In Day, Burger Sale and Live Music (12pm), Welcome Talk (5pm), Welcome Photo (6pm), Free Food in Furness Foyer (7pm),  Games Night in Trev (8pm).

Monday 2nd October: Deanery and Welfare Talk (10–11am), Furness Bake Off (12–2pm), International Students Meet-up (4pm), Bar Sports Trials (5pm), Just Dance with Fylde and Sober Soc (6:30–8:30pm), Trevaoke (9pm), VIBE (11pm).

Tuesday 3rd October: Department Day, Big Night Out, International Movie Night (8–10pm).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (9am–5pm), Bob Ross Paint-along (6-7pm), Book Club and Hot Drinks (7–9pm), Campus Bar Crawl (8pm).

Thursday 5th October: Meet Your Forum (11am–1pm), Guide Dogs (11am–2pm), Patriots Exhibition (2–4pm), Castle Tours (5pm), Town Bar Crawl (8pm).

Friday 6th October: Department Day, Eco Eats (4pm), Bar Sports Trials (5pm), Trev Bingo and Generation (9pm).

Saturday 7th October: Sober Society Smoothies (12pm), Flat Wars (2pm), Live Bands in Trev (8pm).

Sunday 8th October: Trip to Ambleside (12:30pm), Introduction to Moodle with Nikhil (7pm), Trev Quiz (8pm).


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Sunday 1st October: Arrivals (9am–4pm), Welcome Talk (4–5:30pm), Karaoke (9–11pm).

Monday 2nd October: Deanery and Welfare Talk (10–11am), Crazy Golf in the Common Room (11am–3:30pm), Deanery and Welfare Talk (1–2pm), Campus Tours (4–8pm), Get Ready With Us (10–11pm), Big Night Out Bar Crawl  (11pm–late).

Tuesday 3rd October: DECOR-IY (2–5pm), Town Tours (2–3:30pm, 3:30–5pm), Plant A Plant (4–8pm), Big Night On Bar Crawl on Campus (8–11pm).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (9am–5pm), Board Games (1-4pm), Afternoon Tea (2–4pm), Scavanger Hunt (4–5pm),  College Sports Social (9–11pm).

Thursday 5th October: Indian Dance Class (11am–12pm), Welfare Drop-In (12–2pm), HIIT Taster Session (2–3pm), International Buddy Meet and Greet (3–4pm), Big Bowland Quiz and Bingo (8–11pm).

Friday 6th October: Mini Founders with Lonsdale (12–3pm), Woodland Walk with Sober Society (3–6pm), Bowland x Lonnie at VIBE (11:30pm–late).

Saturday 7th October: SugarFree, with Just Dance, board games, table tennis, musical chairs, live animals and photo contest final (9am–11pm).

Sunday 8th October: Thank You Reps food event (2–4pm), Movie Night (6–10pm).


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Sunday 1st October: Arrivals (9am–4pm), Welcome Talk and Hog Roast at GFX (6pm), Grize-jail theme night at GZ Bar (9pm).

Monday 2nd October: College Day (12pm), Grizzle Quizzle at GZ Bar (7pm).

Tuesday 3rd October: Campus Tour (11am), Mocktails night at GZ Bar (4:30pm).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (9am–5pm), VIBE Night Out (9pm).

Thursday 5th October: LUSU Sports Day (1pm), Big Night on Campus (8pm).

Friday 6th October: Free hot chocolate at GZ Bar (12pm), Boar’s Bingo at GZ Bar (6:30pm).

Saturday 7th October: Williamson Park Walk (10am), Book Club Event at GZ Bar (3pm).


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Sunday 1st October: Arrivals (9am–5pm), Free Dinner (5:30 onwards), Chill Out in Barkers (8:30pm).

Monday 2nd October: Meet Your House, Campus Tours (11am–1pm), SCR Band and Free Food (2–5pm), Open Mic Night and Jewellery Making (7–10pm), Big Night Out (10:30pm–late).

Tuesday 3rd October: Gym Session (10am), Free Brunch (11am), Town Tours (2–5pm), Mocktails with Grizedale, Lonsdale and Sober Soc (4–6pm), Pres at Barkers/Movie Night (7–10pm), VIBE Neon Night (10:30–late).

Wednesday 4th October: LUSU Freshers’ Fair (9am–5pm), Pre-Patriots Matches (2–5pm), Boardgames and Bierkeller (7pm onwards).

Thursday 5th October: SCR Yoga (10:30am), Big Night on Campus (7–10pm), Sip and Paint (7–10pm), Sugar Night Out (10:30pm–late).

Friday 6th October: Woodland Walk (11am), Football Friendly with Casual Football Soc (TBC), Quizzing with the Queens with County (7–10pm), Thank Tea It’s Friday (7–10pm), Generation Night Out (10:30–late).

Saturday 7th October: House Wars (2–5pm), Barkers Big Quiz and Freshers’ Awards (7–10pm).

Sunday 8th October: Knit and Natter (2–5pm), Books with LancsBookClub (2–5pm), International Kahoot with Pendle (7–10pm).

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