Lancaster Fresher? Don’t forget these essential items on your uni packing list!

An orange jumpsuit is an absolute must-have!

The dreaded chaos of A-Level results day is finally over, and you’re officially off to university – congrats!

Now it’s time to pack! Of course, remembering the basics, like an extra toothbrush or pillowcase for example, is important, but there’s plenty you might forget or not even realise you need. From bin liners and survival packs to feather boas and pink cowboys hats, here’s a bunch of stuff student’s should keep in mind to bring along.

Granny Trolley

We get it – this is a bit of a weird one, but hear us out. It’s way too expensive to finish all your shopping in Spar, which can only mean one thing, it’s time for a weekly trip to Aldi and to prepare yourself to drag back what feels like 50 kilos of food shopping on the bus back to campus. Seriously, for the sake of your arms, get a granny trolley.

White Tac

Want to see all of your accommodation deposit at the end of first year? Never use blue tac or command hooks. Ever. Investing in a pack of white-tac on Amazon or WHSmith is your best bet to avoid staining, marking, or paint pulling off your bedroom walls while decorating.

Door Stop

Door stops are essential when it comes to moving-in day! You don’t want to constantly worry about unlocking your flat and bedroom door while lugging heavy suitcases and boxes up multiple flights of narrow stairs. It will also make it a lot easier when getting to know your new flatmates while you’re unpacking.

Indoor Clothes Airer

Although all Lancaster colleges have dozens of Circuit dryers in their on-campus laundrettes, it’s almost £2 per drying cycle, and honestly, they aren’t that good. Clothes airers are fairly cheap, won’t shrink your clothes, and often means less ironing once your clothes are dry. They’re also flexible, meaning they’ll fit in most spaces in your bedroom or bathroom and fold down once you’ve finished.

Small Bin Liners

Don’t fancy having to clean up vomit stains from your bedroom carpet after a night out? Buy small bin liners. Most wastebaskets in Lancaster accommodation are mesh wire bins, meaning any liquid you put in them will leak out. Also, bin-liners will make sure that any rubbish left in them doesn’t stink out your entire room while you’re out at lectures.

Fancy Dress/Costumes

If you join any societies during your time at university, having an array of fancy dress pieces and costumes is essential. Halloween parties and themed socials are a big part of student life – bring anything you can find, whether it’s an orange jumpsuit or a pair of fun sunglasses – nothing is ever too small. Trust me – it’ll come in handy somewhere.

Freshers’ Flu Survival Kit

“Freshers’ Flu won’t affect me! I never get sick!” We’ve all been there. We’ve all said the same thing. Trust me – Freshers’ Flu gets everyone at one point or another, and it’s dreadful. Packing a survival kit is vital – cough syrup, nasal spray, tissues, throat soothers – bring it all. Don’t forget to add your favourite tea/coffee, soup packets, and chocolate – you won’t be able to taste much else.

Bathroom Storage Baskets

Whether you have an ensuite or shared bathroom, bringing a plastic storage basket for your shampoos, body washes, and facial cleansers are essential – and make sure it has handles. Uni bathrooms usually have little storage and shelf space, especially in shared bathrooms, and allow for effortless storage in your bedroom. 

Over-Door Hooks

Uni wardrobes and bedrooms don’t often have much space to hang your clothes, never mind your coats, jackets, and hoodies. Investing in over-door hooks will let you utilise what little space you have in your room to make extra space for those new ball dresses and fancy costumes.

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