Lancaster University Professor to receive Busk Medal for Amazon Research

Jos Barlow is a Professor in Conservation Science at the Lancaster Environment Centre

Professor Jos Barlow, of the Lancaster University Environment Centre, will receive the Busk Medal from the Royal Geographical Society for his research in the Brazilian Amazon.

The annual medal is awarded for “conservation research or for fieldwork abroad in geography or in a geographical aspect of an allied science,” according to the Royal Geographical Society’s website.

Barlow receives the award for his research on changes to the Amazon’s ecology for over 25 years, including the effects of climate change and deforestation, among other environmental issues.

His work has been published in leading academic journals, and has also been presented to policymakers in Brazil to aid in informing decisions on the protection and management of the Amazon’s tropical forests.

Barlow has been described as “one of the leading tropical ecologists of his generation” by Nigel Clifford, President of the Royal Geographical Society. Clifford further described Barlow’s work as providing “pioneering contributions to understanding the risks of climate change and disturbance to tropical forests,” according to Lancaster University.

The Busk Medal is named after former diplomat and past honorary VP of the Royal Geographical Society, and was first awarded in 1975. This year’s medals and awards are set to be presented at the Society in London on Monday 5th June 2023.

Jos Barlow has said that he is “both surprised and thrilled” to receive the prestigious award, further saying: “The achievements it recognises are the result of years of collaborative research with many inspirational people, especially the traditional and indigenous peoples who understand the forest better than any western scientist.”

His full statement can be found here.

Featured image via Lancaster University website

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