We talked to new Lancaster societies one year on to see how things are going

SwiftSoc had 300 people at an event and SoupSoc raised £100 for foodbanks

The academic year of 2021/22 saw a boost of small societies and Instagram pages appearing on the Lancaster University campus, and honestly, we’re here for it. From the madness that is Assassins, to the wholesomeness of SoupSoc’s fundraising efforts, to people meeting their significant other through the omniscient power that LancsCrush seems to have, it’s amazing what access to the Internet and some friends can do. We spoke to a collection of the new and small societies, a year after their founding, to see what they’ve been up to and what they’ve achieved in the last year.


“Lancs Crush has kept me incredibly busy in the past year and I’m amazed how quickly it’s grown! Mostly, I’ve been hoping to match up singletons at the uni (and a lucky few have even found each other after posting on my page! 😮) My LancsCrush highlights of the year were definitely the amazing poetry made along with the Living Poets Society, and winning Best Creative Writing alongside the poets in the Lancs Anti-Society awards! As well as meeting tons of new friends and a lovely community I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I’d like to thank everyone for their support in the first year of Lancs Crush, the page genuinely wouldn’t exist without you ❤️”

Hedgehog Society

“Hi, we’re Lancaster University Hedgehog Friendly Campus Society. We’re a small, friendly society focused on hedgehog conservation and helping our campus become more suitable for hedgehogs! We are affiliated with the Hedgehog Preservation Society which is a UK based charity. Over the last year, we have achieved a gold award which involved undertaking hedgehog footprint surveys at Forrest Hills, and we’re now working on a platinum award. We meet regularly on a Wednesdays, as well as collaborations and trips, and we would love to see you at some of our socials!”

Anti Society

“Before first term of this academic year, I was working alongside other students to discuss our university while creating helpful ideas for our posts. this was subsided purely by university studies and commitments. However, more recently, I have been working on my anti-society blog which allows me to discuss issues I am passionate about, with more writing freedom and even the culture of Lancaster Uni. I’m hoping to continue growing my page to create a space for students to share their concerns and issues with the uni and also their worries. Uni is so difficult to navigate and I want to give a platform for students!”

Peeny Greeny

“Since The Lancaster Tab last spoke to us Lancaster peeny-greenyists, the society has transformed. From its humble beginnings last year it now boasts over 60 direct members, with our biggest social having over 40 people present. Furthermore, we welcomed some new exec to our team and added new positions like “Revolution Exec” who manages Peeny Greeny’s political activity.
“It is clear that Peeny Greeny, for many people of our age, is the ideology of our time. Where History is dead and God is dead, peeny greeny survives. This is clear from our popular intake of members and students, who believe in our cause.
“Most recently we haven’t been particularly active when it comes down to socials, but we hope we can get back up and running soon. We have enjoyed bar crawls, barbeques, film watching nights, scavenger hunts, competitive pool and more. These socials have been fun and carefree, and always bring our unique brand of absurdity to a night out.
One event we all cherished was when Salvador Dali came to give a lecture to our society in November 2022. It was amazing to get such insight from an internationally acclaimed artist and thinker.
“Overall Peeny Greeny intends to stick around. And become stronger than ever. Peeny and Solidarity! Viva la Peeny Greeny!”

Soup Soc

“We’re only a new society, but we’ve already been so busy running our soup drives on campus and collecting donations for the food bank! We’ve already raised nearly £100 worth of donations for Morecambe Food Bank and had a very successful social – shout out if you got a picture with our soup can!”

Cocktail Society

“We are the Cocktail Society🍹 and we are back this term with a full calendar of events for our followers! We have held many successful themed events in the past including our Pirate Social and Glitter Party at Mint. Our Cocktail Making Classes were also very popular last year, so we’ve listened to this feedback and have more lined up in the coming weeks. We’re aiming to expand our society by collaborating with other societies, and have plans for events with the Pokémon and Fashion society later this term. We would love to see as many people attending our events as possible, thank you for the support! 💞”

Swift Soc

“This year brings the second year of LuSwiftsoc. As VP, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to watch the society grow! Our midnights release party saw over 300 attend, and our membership is also at 100+. With our new and expanded exec we are planning bigger and better socials, and have made some amazing friends amongst members. Taylor swift might not have won song of the year, but she has certainly won the hearts of Lancaster’s students and it is a pleasure to be a part of the Swiftsoc community”

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