Lancs students: Which You character would be in your college?

Watch out Lancaster, Joe is back and even closer than ever


The return of YOU has been greatly anticipated, and who knew Joe would get his redemption arc and end up the one getting stalked. Is anyone else sensing that Love will be back for round three? We all knew the new season would be different, but none of us expected to see Joe chopping up a dead body to Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’ whilst having the football, yes Joe, football, not soccer, on in the background.

The change of setting to an English university makes the show that slight bit more relatable for Lancaster students. So, it only seems right to place the characters of the new season into Lancaster colleges. Based on some fun stereotypes, let’s unveil where the Joe Goldberg’s, or should we say Johnathan Moore’s, are located on campus.


Joe Goldberg- Lonsdale

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Joe would 100% be in Lonsdale. Where is better for Joe to lay low than Lonsdale? Joe is reserved, secretive, isolated, and never the centre of attention. Lonsdale accommodation would allow Joe to hide out and reinvent himself. He’d be charming to his flatmates, even though he probably hates them, but don’t annoy him too much, or you never know what might happen.

Kate Galvin- Cartmel

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Cartmel is perfect for Kate. She meets the stereotypical hard-working, slightly boring, criteria and we could definitely see her pulling a few all-nighters in the library. Most Cartmel students deny that they’re in the expensive college, and as Kate tries to hide her wealthy background, she’d fit right in.

Lady Phoebe- Grizedale

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Lady Phoebe is maybe one of the few likeable characters. She’s kind, yet chaotic. She’s sweet, yet drama seems to follow her everywhere. She’s out of touch, yet has a huge friend group. We think her social personality would suit Grizedale, specifically a Grizedale townhouse, where she’s constantly surrounded by people.

Sophie Soo- Grizedale

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Although we didn’t see much of Sophie, from what we did gather, she would thrive in Grizedale. She’s an influencer who loves a good gossip. She’s popular and would always be getting noticed, whether that be in the library, or making a guest appearance in sugar.

Adam Pratt- County

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The last name says it all. Adam is a somewhat charming, popular, party lover, which seems typical of County. He is a complex character, and there is more to him than meets the eye. He finds himself in money troubles, typical uni student, and would he ever turn up to a lecture?

Malcom- County

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Malcom is another typical county boy, the life of the party. County is Lancaster’s biggest, most popular college, and although Malcom isn’t exactly well-liked, he would fit in due to his large friend group. I mean popularity is popularity, right?

Blessing- Graduate

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The Princess of Nigeria, Blessing is the epitome of Graduate college. She is classy, snobby, and successful, with multiple degrees and seems at a similar stage of life as graduates. 

Connie- Fylde

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Who? Yeah we’re asking the same thing. Apparently he is an old sportsman who gambles and races horses, and for that reason we have to put him in the stereotypical sporty college, sorry Fylde. He seems the type to enjoy the Mill, from what little we know about him.

Roald- Fylde

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Roald is hardly a likeable character, but he does have some positive traits we’d place in Fylde. He is competitive, determined, and he knows what he wants and that is Kate (let’s just forget that Kate didn’t want him back).

Simon Soo- Furness

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Simon is another one difficult to place, he really didn’t give us much before the inevitable killing off. He is artsy and alternative and we feel that Pendle may be his college, with their fair share of creative students.

Marienne- Pendle

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Marienne is sweet, innocent, and Joe’s only girlfriend still alive (we are made to believe). She shares Simon’s creative streak, and she would love reading in Pendle Brew, even if it was just to hide from Joe.

Nadia- Furness

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Nadia seems a relatable hard-working student. She doesn’t get everything handed to her and she’s fairly unproblematic, as characters on this show go. Her kind, funny, ambitious personality would place her nicely in Furness.

Rhys Montrose- Bowland

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Rhys doesn’t fit in, he’s reserved, secretive, and holds a grudge. Joe’s match? His dark side makes him central to the new season and for that reason Bowland is his college. Bowland accommodation is the centre of campus, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.


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