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BREAKING: Strikes at Lancaster University have been paused

Due to negotiations, strike dates will not go ahead for the next two weeks.

The UCU has announced that the strike of university staff has been paused for the next two weeks.

The strikes taking place on Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd February next week and Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd March the following week will not be going ahead.

The strikes scheduled for after these dates are still planned to take place.

According to their statement, the UCU has made, “significant progress across a range of issues“, with its employers, and has agreed to pause action across its pay and working conditions and USS pensions disputes for the next two weeks to, “create a period of calm”.

The UCU also stated, “Before going into details of the progress we have made, we want to make it absolutely clear that this is simply a pause. And alongside this, we will be continuing with the campaign to deliver another massive YES vote in the re-ballot.”

They also said, “This, alongside the progress we have made, is why this is a win / win for the UCU and our members. We get a genuine chance at the resolving the dispute as well as giving our branches and representatives the time needed to deliver the YES vote.”

Strikes on March 16th, March 17th, March 20th, March 21st, and March 22nd will still go ahead.

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