Guess how many of these Lancs items you can buy with the money students lose in strikes

You’ll have enough sausage rolls for the rest of your uni days x

With three days of strike action last term and another 18 underway this term, university strikes are no doubt at the front of everyone’s minds. But as the picket lines are popping up and students are getting a few extra hours of sleep in place of their usual 9ams, another topic that everyone’s talking about is just how much of our tuition fees are being lost to strikes.

We’ve calculated that approximately £1295 of each student’s tuition fees has lost to university strikes this academic year so far. But how much is that actually worth?

To put it into perspective, we’ve compiled a quiz that tells you exactly how many Lancaster-related items you can buy with the money you are losing on strikes. From Greggs’ sausage rolls to tubs of duck feed (even if you can’t actually feed the ducks), soon you’ll know just what your student loan could be better spent on.


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