An ode to RequestBox: We reviewed the strangest songs you are requesting at the Sugarhouse

Lancaster clubbers, what are you thinking?

The requests feature added to the RequestBox app for the Sugarhouse (for goodness knows what reason) is the gift that keeps on giving. Here, we are provided with a fantastic insight into the musical minds and deepest desires of the clubgoers of Lancaster. Evidently, last Friday night was no different as Lancaster students were in strange and arguably questionable moods, as we see in some of the song choices placed on the requests app.

Harry Styles – As It Was

The 2022 release apparently hasn’t run its course just yet, despite the consistent overplaying on just about every speaker in the country. It even got upvoted on Sugar’s app. Can we please leave the ‘Take On Me’ remix on TikTok and keep it well clear of our beloved Sugarhouse?

Kathleen – Catfish and The Bottlemen

Many FIFA players will know this as a classic, but it’s quite the contrast to the type of vibe in Sugar we usually see. Yes, we all love a bit of indie every now and then, but following Harry Styles and likely preceding another sharp musical contrast, does it really belong on the playlist?

Blur – Country House

Another beautifully requested mood change, as Blur’s iconic sing along anthem was another common feature in the app, the requester hoping for a transition from pop to indie to some Britpop. Undeniably a great song, but we might question if it suits the masses in Sugar.

Oasis – Slide Away

Sticking to the Britpop theme (finally, a bit of consistency) we have a lesser known Oasis love song, and a far more popular ‘Supersonic’ making the requests list. Does this hint at a secret desire for a 90s night to be hosted in Sugar? Nonetheless, the theme of random, out of place songs continues.

Stormzy – Big For Your Boots

Nope, wait the inconsistency returns! Stormzy makes the requests and was evidently a popular choice receiving 5 upvotes on the night it was first nominated. Could this song not have been left in 2017? It’s strongly associated with a musical era that is more than welcome to stay forgotten.

Rascal Flatts – Life Is A Highway

Following the organised chaos seen on this app, the theme tune from one of the best films of all time made it into the requests box. Now, everybody is up for a sing along to the sound track of Cars, but on a Friday night in Sugar? Really? Does anyone think a fade from Stormzy to the Cars theme tune could have been pulled off? I don’t think anyone could, not even the greatest of Bastille members.

Taylor Swift – Picture To Burn

Taylor Swift’s best track from her first album also made the requests list. Now, as an honorary Swiftie, I would usually be the first to suggest some Taylor, but how on earth anybody thinks this belongs in the Sugarhouse surrounded by the likes of Stormzy or Oasis is beyond me. To describe this as a mood change would be the understatement of the year (but seriously guys the more Taylor Swift we get on this requests app the better off the whole of Lancaster will be).

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