‘Housemate sh*t his bed’: Here are Lancs students’ most insane reasons they lost their deposit

Mouldy showers are gross x

There are two types of students in this world: those who will do everything in their power to make sure they get their full deposit back, and those who could not care less. Whilst it is a widely known fact that if you are a student it’s unlikely that you are going to get all of your housing deposit back when you move out, there are that select few who haven’t resigned themselves to this fate yet. No matter how hard you try, some things are simply out of our control.

We spoke to Lancs students about some of the most insane reasons they have lost their deposits, and they did not disappoint.

‘Flooded the shop downstairs’

Honestly this sounds like an absolute nightmare, and we have no clue what we would have done if this was us. Students who live above shops, take this as a warning and make sure you don’t leave the taps on.

‘Someone tried to break in and dented the roof of the shop downstairs’

Okay, so this came from the same person as the one above, and we can’t help but feel a tiny bit sorry for that shop. Imagine having your roof dented and your shop flooded all in one year. This also sounds pretty scary, and defo something we would not want to happen to us. We just hope you’re okay cause this sounds a bit traumatic.

‘I accidentally left a sock in the washing machine.’

It happens to the best of us. Normally, any rogue socks will end up lost amongst your flatmates clothes the next time they do a wash, never to be seen again. This time, however, it seems to have cost you a lot more. Let this be a life lesson: always check you emptied the washer properly, after all you don’t want your landlord getting their hands on your laundry.

‘Mould on my shower curtain due to insufficient circulation’

Black mould spray is your friend, people! I think we can all agree though that shower curtains suck, especially when they end up getting your bathroom way more wet than it ever needed to be after a shower. Is it worth it for the cool patterns you can get? We’re honestly not sure.

‘Charged for cleaning on a clean bathroom (it was residue from a cleaning product)’

The best kinds of people make sure the bathrooms are clean for the next tenants. Sometimes though, you just can’t win. At least their inspection was a close one for the next tenants, if only we could all have the same luck.

‘Housemate sh*t his bed and stained mattress. Claimed it was tea’

Ew. We tried not to judge for most of these: after all, shit happens (pun intended). With this however, if we were the next tenant we would definitely want a new mattress after that.

‘They wanted to charge us £1200 for an energy overspend … but the heating didn’t work most of the time’

Freezing for a year for nothing is what this sounds like. Energy prices are extortionate at the moment (the cost of living crisis sucks) though this may be taking it a bit far, if we’re being honest. You could get over 1000 Greggs sausage rolls for that!

‘Flatmates turned the toilet seats orange with fake tan’

With the weather we get in Lancaster, is there nothing that people won’t resort to in order to get that glowy, sunkissed, fresh off the plane from Ibiza look? (P.S. if you ever find yourself in this situation, toilet seats are £6 from Wilko, and could end up saving you a chunk of your deposit).

‘Tried to fine us for ‘rubbish removal’ of furniture which came with the house’

In this scenario, always go back and offer to take the furniture back. At best you’ll bag yourself some free stuff, at worst you’ll get denied and have a reason to claim your deposit back.

‘Got charged for stains on a mattress that were there when I moved in. Got my money back when I proved it though’

It takes a lot of courage to sleep on a mattress that you know is stained for an entire year, particularly when it wasn’t you who did it. There’s always that one landlord that doesn’t check the inventory before handing out deductions left, right, and centre. We’re proud of you for getting it back, and wish you a happy, stain-free mattress-filled future.


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