Pottery painting and bowling: Here are the most wholesome Lancs-based activities to do

For when you need a break from heavy drinking and uni stress


Being a student can be very stressful, with impending deadlines seemingly always, lectures, readings and labs to constantly keep track of, sometimes it’s hard to switch off and have some time to relax. With that being said, we have made a list of wholesome activities you can do to help you chill, either within the Lancashire/Northwest area, or just in the comfort of your own home. You can do these alone, with friends, or as a wholesome date activity, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Cookie/ Cake Decorating

Currently in M&S are cookie decorating kits, themed for Valentine’s Day, and priced reasonably at £2.50. Decorating these with housemates alongside a winter Love Island episode and a few pink gins and lemonade make for the ultimate night in. It can also become a competition for whose were the best and looked the cutest. Or you can even just cover your biscuit in icing to get most of the best bit. 

Walking along the Lune

With walking/cycling routes across campus leading to the city along the canal, there are so many places to walk whilst having a chat or just to clear your head, whilst getting some fresh air. Recommendations include doing it with a takeaway hot chocolate and a podcast  (proposing ‘Shagged Married Annoyed’, if you have the stomach for it) to get those steps in. Bonus points if you spot some ducks! 

Williamson Park

Arguably the prettiest place in Lancaster, it’s perfect for having a wander and to explore the Ashton Memorial, or to just sit and chill on the grass with some friends or a good book in the summer.

Bonus- Williamson Park Mini Zoo

A wholesome day out is never complete without a trip to the zoo, and this one is right on our doorstep. With animals including meerkats and butterflies, for entry less than £5, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.


With bowling alleys in Preston and Morecambe, bowling is an easily accessible trip for any Lancs student. Warning: this may bring out your competitive side, but may be embarrassing if you ask to keep the barriers up.


The list of brunch places in Lancaster is endless, so there’s bound to be a place you haven’t tried yet. With vegan specialities coming in the form of the Herbarium, and something for everyone in Bob and Berts, what’s not to love? I mean, who doesn’t like brunch? It’s brunch!

Baking or cooking

Whenever anyone asks what the worst thing about being a student is, a common response is always “deciding what to have for tea” (or dinner, if you’re a Southerner). Eating the same eight meals over and over again does get very old very quickly. So, for an activity you can do within the comfort of your own home, where you’ll either gain a new recipe and add a bit of variety to your week away from chicken fajitas or a pot noodle. It also allows for some time away from the laptop screen or book, but still feels ever so slightly productive. Bonus idea: flat Bake Off or Come Dine With Me to decide who’s is the best, with whoever loses washing up.

Morecambe Beach

What’s more wholesome than a walk along the beach? And it can be made better by fish and chips and ice cream, which always taste better at the beach.

Pottery painting

A Lancashire local staple, and the MOST relaxing afternoon you’ll ever have. There’s plenty of pottery placed near the university like fired-4-u in Preston, with similar places in Lancaster and Morecambe that you can go to too. With a whole range of options available you can decorate your own mugs, bowls or plates which is perfect for upping your uni kitchen game. Whether its flatmates or course mates you go with its one wholesome activity and a sure fire way to forget about your essay deadlines. 


Lancaster, and Lancaster Uni Campus, boast multiple different markets across the week, and there’s something very calming about having a wander and looking through different things offered by loads of small businesses; including jewellery stalls, vinyl stalls and even homemade cakes.

Lancaster Castle

Another Lancaster place that’s lovely to have a walk around, and provides very pretty photo opportunities and the chance to explore some of Lancaster’s local history. There are often different art installations in the Castle or the Priory, which are always amazing to see.

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