Lancaster Uni has confirmed the release date for exam timetables

Exam dates can be found on the student portal from the 24th February

Lancaster University’s Academic Dean has confirmed that undergraduate exam timetables for summer 2023 will be released on the 24th February.

The release of personal exam timetables will include information about the start time and length of exams.

They will also include information regarding any additional time or support provided according to individual ILSPs.

Professor Alisdair Gillespie has also confirmed the dates for this year’s exam periods.

For Part I students exams will be between 5th June and 23rd June.

For most Part II students exams will be between 13th May and 17th June.

For Part II students studying Biomedical and Life Sciences, Computing and Communications, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, or a course in LEC (Lancaster Environment Centre), the exam period will begin Monday 24th April (the beginning of week 21).

The method of exams this year will vary from module to module and course to course, and departments should provide details about whether exams will be online or in-person.

Personal exam timetables will be located on the student portal.

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