This fresher loves the Liberal Democrats so much he got ‘Lib Dem’ shaved into his hair


Some may hand out flyers to show their alliance to a political party, others may just write a Facebook status, but one Hull first year has gone that one step further in showing his allegiance to the Liberal Democrats by getting ‘Lib Dem’ shaved into his hair on either side of his head.

Jack Haines, who studies British Politics and Legislative Studies at University of Hull, is so passionate about Tim Farron and his team that he found it necessary to get the party’s name etched into his head for some 24/7 campaigning.

Jack, who is Hull’s Liberal youth officer, upcoming President of the Liberal Democrat society and long time member of the party told The Tab since having Lib Dems shaved into his head, he’s been “commended” by his party peers for his “commitment” to the cause.

Jack said: “Basically me and a few friends were just joking around and it tuned into a reality, next minute I’m getting it shaved into my head.

“I’m very politically involved anyway but I got commended for my passion and commitment to actually do it.”

Jack ended up paying £15 for the cut down at a local barbers.

On why he’s so passionate for the Liberal Democrats to win, Jack said: “I want the Lib Dems to win because they can provide the credible opposition to the Tories that Labour can’t do. We have a strong policy on Brexit and are the only party that provides a remain voice for the three quarters of young people who voted that way.

“I’ve worked on the local elections in Hull and the recent Manchester Gorton by-election and am currently working hard all over Hull to get the best possible result for the Lib Dems in all three of the seats.”

Unfortunately, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is yet to comment on Jack’s new barnet.