What to wear on every single night out

Behind every great night out is a day of careful planning

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From the old faithful Asylum to the local’s favourite Sugar Mill, there really is a club for everyone.

But with every venue comes the age-old question: what the bloody hell do I wear? You text the girls – maybe you even text the boys – and you raid each other’s wardrobes. God knows you can’t wear your fave Piper outfit for Pozition, so keep your clubbing outfits on point by not making these rookie errors.


Why make an effort when the queue outside is sure to ruin your hair and streak your make-up? Don your denim shorts, or maybe a skirt if you’re feeling fancy, and take to the dancefloor. Checked shirts, boyfriend jeans, and Converse. Comfort comes first in Welly’s laid back ambiance – especially if you’re heading upstairs on a Thursday.

Making an effort is so last year anyway

Making an effort is so last year anyway


Welly is chilled, but Piper basically calls for brushing your hair and maybe your teeth, too. You’ve likely worn this outfit three times this week already, but no one cares and anything looks good after a few cheap cocktails.

We suggest anything comfortable. Those indie tunes will have you bopping before you know it and no one wants a wardrobe catastrophe halfway through Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

Always better to go under-dressed than over-dressed, right?

Always better to go under-dressed than over-dressed, right?

The Sugar Mill 

We’ve all been naive enough to believe heels would be a good idea, especially for the local’s favourite haunt. A classier venue, The Sugar Mill warrants little black dresses and, for the boys, don’t wear those scruffy snakebite stained pumps you favour.

A skirt or a dress is a must. You won’t see any baggy jeans or hipster-cool slogan tees here.

Was it ever really worth it?

Was it ever really worth it?


No dress code, no rules, no limits… what’s the worst that can happen?

Occasionally you’ll  surprise yourself and have a “tame one” at Asylum, but more often than not you’re either dressed like a tool or maybe you’re that one person who just made too much effort. Be sure to wear shoes which can be securely strapped to your feet, unless you plan to lose them to a floor covered in snakebite everyone’s spilled rather than drank.

We recommend Converse, lace-up boots, wellies?

We recommend Converse, lace-up boots or even wellies

Geek Night, because those glasses are better than beer goggles

Geek night, because those glasses are better than beer goggles

You never really know what you’re going to find at Asylum, but no two nights are ever the same. If your fail-safe outfit is still in the wash, panic not: just throw on your tiger onesie and you’re good to go. Spare pair of 3D glasses and an old school tie? Bam! There’s your next Asylum outfit sorted.