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How to Lose your Housemates in 10 Days

Living in a shared house can be the best experience of your life or it can be the worst.

Oh so Phickle…

Third year Brad Vanstone recently set up a clothing line called Phickle with his friend, Tom Kelly.

The top five Halloween Drinking Games to get you hammered

Let’s get Hallowasted

Fashion in the forum

The Tab continues its search for well dressed students…

Forum vs Forearm: Is masturbating the secret to good revision?

Editor MATT MCDONALD on what’s become a very sticky situation.

Exeter University in the Olympic Torch Procession

Drama students from the University of Exeter have been taking the leading role in organising the Exeter Olympic Torch Procession – The Battle for the Winds – taking place May 20th in Exeter city centre.

Crunch Time for EUMHC 4th XI

Adam Lax reports on a season defining week

Exeter Joins ‘The Russell Group’

The university happily accepts to join the elite Russell Group with York, Durham and Queen Marys this month.

Why Doesn’t Exeter have a Collegiate System?

Rob Ede argues that we’re missing out

MyExeter Gone Bad

Adam Lax brings you the "Frape" of 2012

Straight Outta Exeter

In late 2009, actor Emma Thompson labelled Exeter University as “somewhere the BNP would love” –describing the “unpleasant” experiences of her adopted son. It fuelled the suggestion of Exeter as a racially intolerant University. In a frank account, Exeter student TJ Nartey gives his response.