Exeter Joins ‘The Russell Group’

The university happily accepts to join the elite Russell Group with York, Durham and Queen Marys this month.

exeter university Russell Group

Following The University of Exeter’s successes, the University has accepted an invitation to join the Russell Group along with Durham, Queen Mary and York.

Whether Carlsberg agree or not, Exeter has done itself proud.

Ranking 10th in The Times, investing £275 million across the campus and producing world-leading research from Astrophysics to Medical History. Whether this relates to you or not, you should be happy to hear that you are attending a world-class university and definitely getting your moneys worth.

The Russell Group is an elite group of UK universities with the likes of Bristol, Warwick and Imperial College London amongst other leading institutions which carry out high class research, teaching and obtain ‘unrivalled’ links to the private and public sector.

Gaining prestige for the South West, Exeter’s development in the last ten years has been finally recognised and will greatly increase the university’s profile internationally. Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Steve Smith has quickly equated the Russell Group as ‘the natural home’ to Exeter, and has congratulated the staff and students on their ongoing hard work.

Whether you picked Exeter for it’s high class teaching, abundance of pubs or proximity to a sandy beach, the university is known for producing high grades and future professionals within the public and private sectors. “Polytechnic what? You must be kidding…It’s good that Exeter is finally being recognised as a real university.

Anything outside the Russell Group and you might as well do a BTEC in how to sign on” David Simpson, second year Geography student said after hearing the news of Exeter’s acceptance in to the Russell Group.


This attitude will be common across the student body as, after working solidly for your A Levels then managing to secure a place here, it is with a bit of smugness that we skip on in to the high performing club of UK universities.