Which Gossip Girl character is your Exeter halls?

Spotted: No one at Duryard. Are you even surprised? XOXO. Gossip Girl.

Your ignorance isn’t ‘banter’ – it’s racism

Events like these deter students from coming to Exeter

The Tab's official Exeter Freshers' guide

No parents, no bedtime, no vegetables!!!!!!!


The reaction to Dr Yaron Brook’s talk shows that we can’t handle free speech

His talk was about the importance of freedom of speech in Western culture. The irony

Exeter is elitist and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed

There is not point denying that there is a class gap

Exeter needs to do more to help refugee students

This year, the Equal Access campaign at Exeter will be lobbying for change

Theresa May is the silent executioner of liberalism

What did Britain say to its trade partners? See EU later

A night isn’t complete without chips, cheese and curry sauce

The food of drunken dreams

Why Exeter should have been everyone’s first choice

Because what would life be without Forum and Firehouse

You’re not only the fittest if you’re in Exeter Dance Soc, you’re a better person too

We look sick in the club

What happened after I got creeped on by a Domino’s delivery driver

Im not a ’sour cow’ – whatever the Daily Mail commenters say

It goes without saying, but there’s something very wrong with slutshaming the girl in the TP video

It’s a free country

Forget Cardiff, Swansea is the best city in Wales

Elton John came in 2008 and said he loved it

It’s not just about giving out toast, Christians can still have fun at uni

Do Christians actually fit the stereotype of being boring or do they love going out like everyone else?

The end of term is bleak but don’t despair, we’re only away for four weeks

TP will still be there when we get back

What happened to the underwear at the SSB?

Where have all the Calvins gone?

Old Lafrowda is a loveable shithole

The beauty is in the imperfection

I’m a bad feminist and I don’t care

I need to cleanse my sexist soul

Stop worrying about getting a grad job and enjoy what’s left of uni

Keep calm please

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