There’s a new society on Exeter campus: Here’s everything you need to know about AngelSoc

Because we love when girls support girls


TikTok has us all telling ourselves we “love being a woman!”. But do we always?

If the Barbie movie didn’t spell it out, which unfortunately for many it didn’t (dump your boyfriends), being a woman is hard. Not only that, but simply being a uni student is intense, and most of us will understand what it’s like to feel a little lonely from time to time.

This is why AngelSoc arrives as a brand new society on campus, resolving to finally build a safe space for all you girlies who might be feeling the same way and just not talking about it.

AngelSoc is designed for women or anybody who identifies as such, including trans women and non-binary people, forming a healthy community where female identifying women can thrive within valued female friendships. The society also will allow important conversations about women’s safety to be had, fundamentally making sure that you’re listened to – which, let’s be real, we all know doesn’t happen enough. Cue Ryan Gosling on guitar.

Society president Kaitlyn told The Exeter Tab: “AngelSoc is a place where you can go out and know there are no ulterior motives to get with people or look for male validation. You won’t be abandoned because your friend has left with someone else. Just a fun space for girls to be girls.”

Pretty wholesome right? Their work didn’t just start here either. AngelSoc is a branch community of the pre-existing “Urban Angels” online safety group which has been working hard to protect our girls since 2020.

The community interacts as a Facebook group where female students can post, repost, and share comments about anything concerning going on in the city at night. Women are then informed on safer routes to walk home and where to avoid, while also being able to offer support to those who may have run into trouble, making sure we can stay safe all year round.

And now, AngelSoc offers the opportunity for us girls to get together properly, supporting each other with all kinds of issues such as female loneliness, and making sure girls are actually having fun. The upcoming socials involve both drinking and non-drinking, and AngelSoc emphasise that there is strictly no pressure for anybody to drink if they don’t want to.

There is plenty to get excited for, such as a monthly karaoke (what better way to bond than some public embarrassment?), and plans to bless the fine establishment of Henry’s dressed up as famous women. There will also be weekly hot girl walks and a “coffee and goss” session, as well as teaming up with BodySoc for a workout class and social on the 12th October, and a collaboration with UniBoob for breast cancer awareness month.

Long story short, AngelSoc are keeping themselves very busy this year, and there is all this and more to look forward to. If you are interested you should head to their Instagram right now @angelsocexeter. The committee are super lovely and inspiring some really great conversations, and they encourage all of you ladies to go along and feel welcome to join in.

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