Clubbers of the Week: Feels like heaven in Week Eleven

Just don’t ask me how my essays are doing!


Though the end of the semester may be approaching, Edi clubbers show no signs of slowing down and Cowgate is arguably more packed than the library. Here are our top picks from this week’s shenanigans

 Stunners of the Week


The nails, the mesh top, her smile – she is EVERYTHING

Runners up

We NEED tutorials on how they both styled their hair

Most stylish duo in Edi

This photo is so glamorous

Cheeky look back at the camera

She’s giving Marilyn with pink hair

They both look straight off the runway

We love some sporty stunners

The most stunning trio

Birthday queen

Such a pretty smile!Getting major tattoo envy

Creepers of the Week


These two creepers are getting a workout in at the same time

Runners up

When you see someone you think you might know enter the club

My girl is sick and tired of people creeping in her photos

Ruined a perfectly good photo

‘scuse me guys just need to squeeze past

Obsessed with everything about this photo

Wanker of the Week


Very controversial, but I just cannot deal with vaping

Runners up

Loving hate

So many VKs I’m afraid their face will turn blue

One of the most constant things in life is that men in tweed suits will always turn up to WhyNot?

A rustic twist on the patchwork jacket trendI’d love to see these guys and the dude above do a style swap

Hero of the Week


The best way to greet the camera man

Runners up

Two cuties

DJs will forever be the true heroes of Clubbers of the Week

Self aware or stupid?

Not the raised eyebrow…

Bring back funky shirts!!

The Hairy Bikers take HIVE

‘G’day mate’ meets ‘sup g’


As always, solid music choiceChecking the cameraman doing ok after being pestered for a photo by a bunch of drunk freshers

Heroine of the Week


Nurses are the true unsung heroines of the county

Runners up

Keeping it stylish and safe

Coolest gal in Edi

She has the bravery of 10,000 soldiers putting a sparkler in her mouth

No-one has ever looked this good whilst serving drinks

Getting down to it

It’s giving budget Euphoria

WTF Moment of the Week


Isaac, what are you doing??

Runners up

Seeing people down Tequila Rose like that is shocking

When you try to get a sexy shot but it goes a bit wrong

When the photographer refuses to take another photo of you

You have to be a new level of drunk to eat the HIVE pizza

Legend has it he still hasn’t blinked

Oi pass me the ball mate

Twilight takes HIVE

Who says I can’t wear my converse with my dress? Oh baby that’s just me!

Staring contest with the cameraman

“No I swear side parts are making a comeback”

No face, no case

Kooky crazy guys, can’t take them anywhere

Album Cover of the Week


Quick selfie moment

Runners up

Looks like something out of space

Giving us all major FOMO

Is this water, champagne or just glitter?

No better backdrop for a pic than viva la cowgate

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Not sure what’s going on here but it doesn’t look good

Runners up

When your friend buys you a double instead of a single

Trying to remember if you actually submitted your essay due today or not

When you see your op on the dance floor

No better place for serious discussions than Subway

Never seen such a solemn Macarena

She looks disgusted by his photography

When the song slaps but it reminds you of your ex

“No trust me, cherry and apple venom together are delicious”

Best of the Rest

Did it really happen if you didn’t get a photo?

When the physics students get their hands on a few bottles

The look of love


I can hear the screams through this photo

Genuinely one of the most attractive friendship groups I have ever seen

Living for the vampire renaissance

Squinting to read their white lies

I hope that’s a temporary tattoo…

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

Bourbon: Neil Stewart

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