Clubbers of the Week: Back to Cowgate again in Week Ten

Post midterms, pre-finals = carnage


With midterms behind us and the inevitable threat of finals ever-looming, Edi students deal with the stress of exams in the only way they know how. We’ve once again collected our favourite moments from the paradise/ hellscape that is Cowgate. Have you made the final cut?



They all look like they would bully me, but I’m kinda here for it


Their makeup artist needs a pay rise

Coats in the club are IN

I want to be this stunner’s bestie

Nobody has ever looked so good on the WhyNot dance floor

Serving mermaid chic with the bralette

More iconic UO corsets

The look of true love

The body of Christ. Amen

I’m a little teapot, here’s my spout

The most gorgeous laugh

The softest of launches

Creepers of the Week


The creeper is serving in this photo


Not cool bro

The grim reaper has come for Cookie Monster

Loving the wizard in the background

When your crush walks past

Third Wheel of the Week


Missing out on the kisses


I think we’re all third wheeling with this one

The mouth is the window to the soul

Why has she got him in a headlock

When the cashier at McDonald’s finally calls your number

Werk gurl

Wig = snatched

Contemplating your divorce in Subway

Wanker of the Week


-10 points for flipping off the camera


Putting a sparkler in your mouth is the new ick of 2023

Too cool to smile???

Do they give these jumpers to every new student at Chancellors?

Paul Breech?

Michael Cera?

Hero of the Week


Edi’s cutest little bromance


You just know these guys were using the “did you fall from heaven?” pickup line all night

“So basically, you hit the ball with the racket and it has to get over the net…”

Camera-shy cutie

Making moves

Cookie monster will always be a hero

Big love, dodgy hearts

And on the third day, he rose again

Opticians hate him

I wish I had his energy

Heroine of the Week


Giving us early 2000s nostalgia


PRAYING she didn’t pick up that vape off of the floor

La vie en rose

Oscar the Grouch got an update

The gal in the back is giving lavender haze

Dare you to pour it over his head

Getting the big guns out

Doing the robot in style

She’s definitely giving her friend a pep talk about her situationship

Couldn’t agree more

My favourite clubbers celebrity

As she should

She’s so crazy, can’t take her anywhere

WTF Moment of the Week


I commend her bravery in holding that so close to her hair


Begging to know what the theme of the dress was

Piggies on St Paddy’s

I would love to know what was going on at Big Cheese last Saturday

Love the dedication

Laundry day

Suits at the club will always be an odd choice

Deep in thought

Live action Sonic The Hedgehog

This is like a renaissance painting

When you remember you left the oven on before leaving

Black iPhone is the new mistletoe

Album Cover of the Week


This photo looks magical


Getting major FOMO from this

Gonna have nightmares about the Cookie Monster’s mouth

Baroque vibes

I love the heart sunnies

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


When you see the lecturer who gave you a 50 on your essay


Why so grumpy?

She looks 0.5 secs away from puking

Breaking news: man loses all top teeth and must smile with bottom ones

When your job interview at Deloitte went well

How many girls are in this picture?

When you look over and see your friend passed out on the floor

When you see your friend start getting with the girl he swears he can’t stand

Best of the Rest

Whoever wrote this has never had three 3,000 word essays due on the same day

When the DJ starts playing All Too Well the 10-minute version

The chemistry from this photo

Finding love on the dance floor

Rock on!

If Ice Spice and Pennywise had a baby

Did he just propose?

Paperclip chain necklaces are the new UO corset

The classic macho thumbs up

When the DJ finally plays 212

Another victim of Haribo girl

If Connell and Marianna went to Edinburgh uni

When you see the flatmate who said they were pulling an all-nighter at the library

Another kooky crazy person shaking up Subway

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Campbell Donaldson: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

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