Clubbers of Week: Strike-core Week Four

They came. They saw. They ate. Enjoy.

Only half our classes are on, meaning (between extra studying and supporting striking staff, of course) Edi students are hitting the clubs in style. Stunners, wankers, heroes and heroines from Week Four coming your way…

Stunner of the Week


I literally can’t stop thinking about her.

Runners Up

Two hot blondes in WhyNot? A novel concept.

The Bristo skaters have made it to a secondary location.

This one is for all the guys on hinge who are looking for a “sporty girl”.

Can you tell we have a thing for DJs?

Hero of the Week


Penguins in WhyNot = a consequence of global warming

Runners Up

The precision. In awe.

The precision. In awe.

Watch out king she’s using you for a free venom.

Can we request another serenade from him?

Heroine of the Week


When the flashbacks start again.

Runners Up

We. Love. Bar staff.

When the venom tastes like I need a hat.

Wanker of the Week


Straight Outta Musselburgh.

Runners Up

Does he have a license for that?

The 14-year-olds are so jealous of you right now.

We don’t like tongues.

Third Wheel of the Week


Protect your peace.

Runners Up

Not 21 third-wheeling at his own event.

“Does anyone want to feel my muscles?”

Creeper of the Week


Leo Dicaprio and his new girlfriend:

Runners Up

She needs a privacy screen.

Photobombing is so passé ladies.

Album Cover of the Week


He would pull up his SoundCloud for me in the smoking section. And I’d love it.

Runners Up

“Siri, play Joanne by Lady Gaga”

Edi photographers are truly delivering on the club landscape shots this season.

Who doesn’t practice high-kicks in Bongos?

Unhappy Clubber of the Week:


He’s jumping on LinkedIn as soon as his shift ends.

Runners Up

Me when I dissociate in the club. (Kaitlyn Dever is that you?)

Not down with the group pose?

Hayfever is tough.

WTF of the Week


“Is that my top?”

Runners Up


Just look at the front row for us.

Me at the dentist:

Best of the Rest

How many people do we think wore those sunglasses that night?

History will say they were roommates.

They’re laughing at you.

One of these is not like the others.

Hot millennials. They exist.

Are you more pink T-shirt glare boy or red hair smiley queen?

See you all next reggae night!

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Neil Stewart: Bourbon

Ben Glasgow, James Gourlay: Bongo Nightclub (a collaborative event by Hobbes Music and Club Nacht)

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