It’s back! Clubbers of the Week returns for Week One

Starting the new semester off in style…


After a six-month hiatus, your ultimate weekly guilty pleasure has returned once again. Clubbers of the Week is back!

With semester two now well underway, it’s clear Edinburgh’s resident clubbing stunners, creepers, heroes and heroines are out in full force. Enjoy…

Stunners of the Week


The hair, the bag, her smile – she’s serving ’90s Goddess.

Runners Up

Her top is absolutely slaying.

What a little cutie!

These girls are gorgeous, as is the iconic Urban Outfitters corset

Another girl in the same Urban corset – proving it’s a staple in any Edi stunner’s wardrobe

Serving drinks and serving looks

The duality of women: prairie chic vs matrix

A late happy birthday to this stunner Lauren!

Creeper of the Week


Are they staring at these gorgeous girlies or did the cameraman just have something on his face?

Runners Up

I wonder what p*ssed him off so much?

Same guy caught creeping with the same girls not once, but twice…

An achievement? Perhaps

Third-Wheel of the Week


A dance circle just for two

Runners Up

Maybe more of a fourth wheel situation…

It seems he didn’t get the memo on the tongue piercing and red hair

A camera shy queen

Wanker of the Week


The clubbing pyromaniacs return

Runners Up

Kudos to the two on the ends for putting up with their mate in the middle

Crack a smile!

The girls are (rightly) not impressed by sunglasses in the club

Seriously what is it with men and fire?

Vapes are a major ick, I’m gonna say it!!

Hero of the Week


Our double parked hero.

Runners Up

Put your hand up if you look good and you know it!

Very wholesome. The guys in the wanker category should be taking notes

The real heroes are always the DJs

The Subway staff who make seventy venoms an hour? Undeniably heroes

Heroine of the Week


The blonde Bourbon girlies are an unstoppable army and I won’t be told any different

Runners Up

Right in front of the DJ booth? BOLD

The only girls to have their priorities straight, tbh

No matter the question, Taylor Swift is always the answer

Gonna channel the vibes of this photo for the rest of the semester

WTFs of the Week


And why SHOULDN’T Pandora be represented on the WhyNot dancefloor?!

Runners Up

The stamping during this has killed off the poor Kincaids students’ sleep schedules

All I can think of is the germs from kissing that screen

Pledging allegiance to the DJ

If we had to see this, so do you

Can’t imagine anything worse than a puffer coat in Hive

Album Cover of the Week


The renovated LED room in WhyNot is giving Tame Impala

Runners Up

They can only be singing All Too Well (10 Minute Version)


Bring back pop duos!

The WhyNot photographer was really getting into his vibey psychedelic photos this week

My senses would be overwhelmed if I was in this room

Daisy Jones and the Six if it were set in 2023

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


When you find out the girl you’re trying to get with is a fresher

Runners Up

She wins all staring contests (anyone else kinda scared?)

2:44am when Dance Monkey comes on and you realise where you are

The twins from The Shining if they were Tamagotchi girlies

Best of the Rest


Immaculate vibes

Runners Up

These absolute kings sending Atik off in style – the best way to go

Obsessed with the turtleneck and shirt combo!


When the tea is piping hot

Coats inside AND shoes on the sofa???

Smiles all round!

Sm love <3

Loving the new hair accessory

The fact people eat pizza in Hive terrifies me.

An angel, a devil, and a girl who’s just happy to be here

Photography credits

Thomas Miller (Hive)

David Stewart (Subway Cowgate)

Kealan Bond (WhyNot Nightclub)

Neil Stewart (Bourbon)

Ben Glasgow (Atik Edinburgh)

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