Clubbers of the Week: Feeling glee in Week Three

The hunt for a valentine is on

Time flies when you’re having fun. Week three of uni has been and gone as fast as it takes to get through your student loan and here is a roundup of the best clubbers here in Edi.

Stunners of The Week


I need both their beauty secrets, and their secret on how to have so many friends

Runners Up

I <3 their smoulders at the camera

Proving that red lips and a wink always look good

A corset top is a classic for any Edi stunner

A duo of smiley stunners

The denim cut-out top as in-cred-i-ble

Big smile from this gorgeous gal

Creepers of The Week


Getting a good whiff of his mate’s new deodorant.

Runners up

A double-whammy of creepers in this one

Everyone is fighting for the lens here.

All this cutie is trying to do is wave to the camera but those creepers behind will not have it.

Is she trying to eat the air?

Letting one rip on your friend’s lap is a bold move.

Third Wheel of The Week


When your pal won’t return the heart.

Runners Up

Not sure if the blue shirt is matching the vibe of their clubbing tops.

Whenever I see a guy with two girls, I always think he is third wheeling ngl.

Four’s a crowd?

Wanker of The Week


Peaky Blinders meets Big Cheese.

Runners Up

Swearing to the camera is a no-no.

These two boys look like they’re up to no good.

Why do these three guys have a suspicious number of drinks???

Straight from the office to HIVE. Channelling the girl boss look whilst probably also overheating.

Hero of The Week


Obsessed with the range of emotions in these guys’ faces.

Runners Up

Holding hands in the club <<33

Giving the photographer the warm welcome he deserves.

Big Cheese’s biggest fan.

When the Wild West hits the club.

Tiaras are for everyone.

Heroine of The Week


When a guy in the club will just NOT take a hint.

Runners Up

MFW they start playing Mr Brightside.

Requesting the songs all of us want, but are too afraid to ask for.

Lots of love for playing the bops all night.

From the sunnies to the pitcher for one, this girl knows how to have a good night out.

From the sunnies to the pitcher for one, this girl knows how to have a good night out.

This gal gives zero f’s.

WTF of The Week


Potterrow’s new law enforcers.

Runners Up

I’m sure the air of subway tastes of blue raspberry vapes.


I really want to know what was the theme they were dressing to here.

Bringing the 1920s to a Tamagotchi Tuesday.

What was going on here???

Album Cover of The Week


Obsessed with everything about this pic.

Runners Up

It looks like the cover of a Where’s Wally book.

Presenting Edi’s best new band.

Main character energy in this one.

Capturing the etherealness of Subway.

Unhappy Clubbers of The Week


When the DJ plays Starboy by The Weeknd.

Runners Up

Time for bed?

When you spot the person you fancy kissing someone else.

When you get a whiff of your friend’s pit.

Best of the Rest


Bridgerton meets WhyNot with this stylish fan.

Runners Up

Is she holding their hand or her vape tighter though?

Hearts all-round.

The cutest trio.

When you see your friend fall down the Subway stairs.

Posing for the camera.

Two cuties.

The pink eyebrows are amazing.

Happy Birthday to this gorgeous girl.

The tea was SPILLED.

Three dedicated fans of Big Cheese braving it in sub-zero weather.

The makeup is an absolute serve.

Absolute stunners.

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

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