Clubbers of the Week: Week Two (mum if you’re reading this, that isn’t me)

Everyone here failed dry January


First things first, RIP Atik, Clubbers of the Week will never be the same without you.

It’s the second week of teaching, strikes are looming, and our clubbers are out in full force. Enjoy!

Stunners Of The Week


I mean… do we even need a reason?

Runners Up

Something about a DNB DJ is just so attractive.

Never knew drinking a VK could look so elegant!

Respectful king pre-censoring his work so we don’t have to 🙂

The club was her runway fr!

Creeper of the Week


Photographer self-insert never goes over well tbh

Runners Up

Something unsettling about these two…

Just want to know his thought process here.

WARNING: Once you see him… you can never unsee him

When you remember your nine am at three am.

Third Wheel of the Week


Put that tongue AWAY sir

Runners Up

Who knew fifth wheeling was a thing?

When your besties match and “forget” to tell you.

Friend or foe… we’ll never know

Someone didn’t get the memo that it’s girls night.

Wanker of the Week


It’s his world and we’re just avoiding him in it.

Runners Up

Puffer in the club: red flag.

Don’t get your hopes up people, this isn’t Jack Harlow.

When you order Drake from Shein.

That bottle is nowhere near his mouth.

Doesn’t look like you need another xx

Hero of the Week


Me feeding my fish every morning.

Runners Up


So iconic we forgot sausage rolls are now £1.15

Is it vodka, water, lemonade, or all three? We’ll never know.

Spread your wings king!

Heroine of the Week


#dryjanuary has nothing on her

Runners Up

Self aware queen!

Serving drinks AND looks.

Taking share size a little too literally.

You can fill in the blank.

WTF of the Week


Me after going to one yoga class at Pleasance.

Runners Up

POV: Boo looking at Sully in that one scene in Monsters Inc.

Jack Harlow back for a solo shot!

“Mate she’s a fresher”.

Album Cover of the Week


So iconic we’ll forgive the shirt.

Runners Up

Pure vibes.

So underground fish-eye early 2000s indie rock slay!

Inspired by Frank Ocean.

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Rough night?

Runners Up

We would pay to know what she said here.

Instant post-vodka regret.


TFW you realise you’re too late to get into Burrito N’ Shake.

Best of the Rest


It’s giving main characters.

Ask no questions, they’ll tell no lies.

Gotta give a shout-out to the birthday girl!

Photographer Credits:

Midnight Bass: Ben Glasgow

Why Not Saturdays: Kealan Bond

Rascals Thursdays: Neil Stewart

Milk Tuesdays: Neil Stewart

Love Wednesdays: Kealan Bond

Flare Mondays: Kealan Bond

Tamagotchi Tuesday: David Stewart

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